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QR Code Generator for Customizer

by mcg1355 Feb 4, 2013
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I am following the instructions but when I arrive at freeqrcode.net I don't see any drop down where I can change the size from 7 to 1. All of the files returned are 325 by 325 pixels. Could somebody tell me what I am missing.


Same issue. Other posts indicate that the site changed.

The free qr code generator no longer allows the selection of size so the parsing of the data fails.... found the solution below.... many thanks

Hei guys, I found another web app for QR code generation that produce a pattern of 0's and 1's as required by the customizer.
Simply select the lowest size 1- 93x93 before generating the QR.

Hope it works for all ;)


You absolute legend.

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Not finding the "qr data box" to paste the vector data.. What am i missing?

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The customizer doesnt work, I input the data and it just shows a solid blue rectangle. Help!?

For running on Linux it will be possible to use wine (https://www.winehq.org/) it can emulate windows systems. It's not super fast but should be enough for this.

Hei guys, I found another web app for QR code generation that produce a pattern of 0's and 1's as required by the customizer.
Simply select the lowest size 1- 93x93 before generating the QR.

Hope it works for all ;)


This just displays the code, not the ones and zeros. Suspect this is spam.

Could you do a step by step youtube video to explain to everyone?

Do I need another program to open the exe file? Its not working on my windows 10.

Exe is a windows program. But it could be that you are missing a dull or need to run in in cmd. To run it in cmd:
Try shift+right click and select copy path way. Then open cmd on your computer and rightklick and paste it in. Then hit enter and see if cmd gives you any errors.

I need help please!
When I put in the Data it shows this:
ERROR: boost::filesystem::canonical: No such file or directory: "/home/cust0mizer/.local/share" ERROR: Parser error in line 518: syntax error Can't parse file '/mnt/www/customizer.makerbot.com/releases/a84b6c97d041aa452fc18c294a27604c9bd12224/tmp/my-customized-qr-code-generator-for-customizer20160122-560-cil03i-0.scad'!

When I delete the "[ ]" nothing happens??
I tried with 0 & 255 and 1 &0. 0&255 didn't work at all.

Did you fix this? i had the same issue???

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Hello mcg1355,
I am running Linux and I have read your comment about your .exe files will run on Windows, not on Linux. You also wrote that you are interested to get help to get your .exe files running on Linux. Well, I have done this successfully with other .exe files before. So maybe I can help.
What I need from you is a runtime library that comes with your .exe files (maybe you can ask your software supplier). On my machine I have installed a software called WINE which acts as a Windows software layer between the .exe file and Linux. See https://www.winehq.org/
I already tried to start your .exe files (without runtime library) + WINE but unfortunately, I did not got it working yet...
If this helps, let me know.

Doesn't work for me.
I couldn't produce a 42x42 image from any of the suggested generator sites.
I tried with 50x50 and 25x25 images.
none of them produces any result with the customizer here:

What should I do ?

p.s.: I also tried replacing 0 with 1 and 255with 0 as suggested in the previous comment.

I successfully made it.
Here is the QRCode generator I used: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/
Select Free Text, Save, No margin, 50px and you'll get a 42x42 bitmap

You may need to find and replace 0 with 1 and 255 with 0.

Remove then the first byte (should be a 1) to have the QRCode properly formatted.

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have tried this a few times over the past few days with errors :(

Wondering if I am doing something wrong or if something is broken :(

I generated the QR code at http://www.free-qr-code.net/ just a simple 'test' text message

copy QRsize and QRdata in fields

the QR code appears in the preview window, but when clicking 'create thing' and going into queue after several minutes an unspecified error returns and it fails

let me know if I am doing anything wrong.:)

I did some testing in GIMP and if you make all the small blocks, points it also scans. This way you won't have any floating sections. You can also make a stencil with this knowledge. Just a FYI. Sweet idea. I think I'll use this. Thanks for the upload.

The exe file does not open in Windows 8.1.
Is there a work around?
I cannot generate a QR Data.txt file to use in customizer.

Does anyone have advice on what printer settings are best for this? I have been trying to print one for like 2 days and can't seem to get the resolution. Using a .3 nozzle with pla, extruder temp 200, heatbed 46. Layer height .2

ok, a little confused by step 6 and 7

in the customizer the only values that I can input into are Width, Height, Thickness, and Post Diameter.

QR size is a single number, but where is that inputted?

QR data is a series of numbers, where is that inputted?


Had similar issues to folks below, but worked through it. This isn't ideal (and might not all be necessary), but if you're anxious to make something and can jump through hoops, here's what I did. First, in the website code generator, adjust the length of your string to encode and the Error Correction Code (ECC) until your code has the SAME number of "squares" as the sample image; it's 19 squares between the two pattern anchor points, but re-count to be sure. The higher your ECC, the more "squares" your pattern will have. I found that medium ECC with a fairly short URL (like Facebook or LinkedIn page) came up correct.

Once you have that, save the image. But it saves as 280px, the default is only 41. So use a decent image resizer and resize down to 41px. I used Photoshop, your mileage may vary. With your new image now the same dimensions and "square" count as the default, run it through the exe file. Open up the results. It should be just 0 (white) and 1 (black). If you see something else, like 255 and 0, do a search and replace. This shouldn't happen if the image stays only black and white (basically it has a two-color palette with white in the first slot and black in the second), but if it does it's an easy fix. Have nothing but 0s and 1s and you're good.

Then paste in the data value. Leave the size value the default 41 (since we made your image match that size). It works for me!

Like I said, maybe there are other easier ways around some of the bugs, but if you just want a code, this should get you through.

it's trimming the right side of my qrcode off, and putting it on the left side.

Any idea how to make this work with a Mac?

Use the app called wine that allows you to open exe files.

hey. try to use it but i generate "test" and get size of 280 in the TXT. in low rec and 1 on he generator.
please help?

I am getting the same issue

same issue. 280 seems to be the default value no matter what is inputed. i've tried other QR code generators and the result is the same

If you use the subtract QR code, does the software connect the floating bits that appear to not be connected to anything. for example, the center of the squares in the corners. How do they stay connected?


i have made a online programm which can output the data for you script directly from the text input: http://www.nischelwitzer.com/data/javascript/demos/qr/http://www.nischelwitzer.com/d...

so no need to create a image and process this file with the python programm.

the only thing. it seems, that your script has some problems with the first pixel.
i am quite sure, that my date is correct because i tested it also in xls: http://www.nischelwitzer.com/data/javascript/demos/qr/qr_code.xlsxhttp://www.nischelwitzer.com/d...

best wishes,

I figured out what was wrong with the pixel thing. You just have to remove a minus 1 from the for loop.

Did you update the Customizer version of the scad file ?

Update: It appears that the QR code data is still passed to the customizer it just wont generate a preview. As far as I can tell you should be able to use the customizer without an issue, just add the QR data as the last step then hit the generate stl button. If you look at the instructions in your customized thing is should reflect that qr_data is equal to the QR data you copied in. I'll post this as an update in the instructions as well. This appears to work but I'm new to all this and haven't found a way to confirm as I don't have all the printer software to check the stl file, considering I don't have a printer yet.

Never mind, please see UPDATE (2) in instructions.

See UPDATE (3): Now fully functional within the customizer!!!

AWESOME script - this is a great way to implant tags directly into things!

Thanks! I can't wait to see what people do with it.

Another coloring method that has given me good results with small text/icons: Print in white or clear, and rub the raised surface with an angled fat-tip black sharpie. It takes a little bit of practice, but the normal "bleeding" that occurs between the print-layers is surprisingly invisible when done that way.

The technique works best if there's a small panel on the object that contains the inscription with sharp edges on the outside, such as the butt of a handle. In this case, I would assume it would mean putting the QR code in a raised square frame.

Thank you, that is an awesome tip. Is it okay if I add it to the description so the different possible methods are in one place? I'll credit you of course.

It appears that the QR data entry is not working in the customizer. This seems to be because there is some limit on the character count that can be entered into a text box. I'm not sure if this is the case but suspect that it is. As a workaround you can customize everything without the QR code data then create your customized "thing". When you go to the page to edit your thing all the parameter you entered should be in the instruction box. Copy and paste those into the OpenSCAD file along with your QR code data. Then render and export to an STL. I will work to see if I can find a solution, but may have to contact the support staff to see if they know what is happening. I apologize it is now working as intended at the moment. I will seek a solution and post any updates at the top of the instructions.

It appears that the customizer app has a limit on the size of data than can be entered into a text box. It returns an error for me when copying the QR code data into the text box. As a workaround you should be able customize everything else, download the thing to copy all your parameters out, then paste your parameters into OpenSCAD as well as pasting in the QR code data. Then render and export to STL. I'll try to figure out a way to make it all work in the customizer, but I may have to ask the support staff if there is a solution.