Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

RappiDelta JR 3d Printer

by bigdaveakers Sep 19, 2014
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hello thank you for sharing this design, a question instead of using motors with gearbox you can use normal motors without gearbox

It's too bad this failed on kickstarter. Compared to a lot of the successful printers kickstarted this one actually has some good ideas in how it's built, and is pretty innovative.

Please tell me how to calculate your rod and arm

They should not be calculated they should be measured. You will need to look in the configuration of the firmware to see what I used and yours should not be too dissimilar.

So you can tell me everything about the data is not yours?

how did u get rid of the backlash in the geared motors?

The backlash is taken up with torsion springs

is it possible to use a large gear and belt drive like the morgan? if so what would be a good minimum ratio ?

I don't see any reason not to use a belt drive, getting an appropriate ratio may be hard though - 30:1 is probably not big enough and as such you will end up with massive gears or a compound set

Those uprights and arms could be out sourced for some cheap hardware shop "things". The Uprights might be replaced with simple aluminium U-profiles and the arms with either wood sticks (?) or aluminium rods/carbon rods. Though the carbon rods may not be available in avery hardware store.

Anyways, thanks for sharing !!!

You could source alternative parts, I created it originally to require as few 'bought' parts as possible.

Hehe okay :) I just thought those upright parts look very casual so they may be available all around the globe.

They are 20mmx20mm so totally replaceable!

cool design, thanks for sharing

Comments deleted.

Thank you for sharing! I'm definitely building one! Could you please tell more about those gearbox motors you used? Were they 17HS19-1684S-PG27 (http://www.omc-stepperonline.com/gear-ratio-271-planetary-gearbox-high-torque-nema-17-stepper-17hs191684spg27-p-43.html)? By the way, do you plan on open sourcing the original big RappiDelta with worm drive?

Yes those are the ones I used. I have the 100:1 on the large RappiDelta.
I haven't considered open sourcing the large one, I moved to gearboxes from the worms bur the firmware is basically the same.

I'm making one! Any chance that you can provide the firmware?