Galaxy S4 speaker horn horizontal

by rophos Sep 19, 2014
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Excellent design! Thank you! I've posted a time-lapse video of my make, if anyone is interested.

I've had an S4 for years and love that there is models available for it. I am currently printing this with PETG and it is turning out great. I'll post a make when it is all done.

I´m looking forward for your make!

Works great, posted it up.

can this item woks with the Samsung S5 ???

Yes, I think it would work. You need to size the horn up and do a S5 pod.

Would you be willing to make this for the Defender case?

Or...I can, if you would pass the drawing to me.

sorry, I dont know this case and have no mockup of this. So it´s on you to do it ;)
You can find CAD files to download. This is .dwg format. If you wish to have different just contact again.

Wow, going to give this a go for my s4, PLA or ABS?
edit: guess i should have read the instructions

I prefere PLA.

Which, if any, of the pieces will I need to print with supports?

sorry for late response..
I prepaired everything to be able to print without support.

Bellissimo, non vedo l'ora di acquistarle la stampante ☺

With settings u used. How much time does it took to print it out?

I´m not sure.. I think its about three hours.
Maybe a bit less..

Can this work for the Note 4? Cool design btw.

I started a small project to check the possibility to work with the Note 4.
Its hard to find a proper 3d- model of this phone but for beginning the concept looks not bad.
I contact you again when it goes forward.

Cool, thanks!

At moment it dont work with Note 4. I found a mockup at thingiverse and think it should be possible to do a horn for this. I will have a look for this at weekend and reply.

Is the center divider for acoustics or support?

I did a test and yes, it sounds better. But the effect is really minimal.
So I think I will leave it.

Good question!
The divider is a supporting element. It should improve acoustic performance if you delete that.
I make a subjective test.

Just found out that this works almost perfectly for an s3 as well! The volume buttons are on the wrong side but it holds it well and sounds great

print went great. I'm having a little trouble glueing the horn pats together because they have such a think wall. I also think the joint between the middle horn piece and the piece that attaches to it and then to the pod may break at the horn joint when the phone is placed in and out because of the gap between pod and lowest horn part. it would probably be better if it was touching or had supports.

That all being said I am very thankful to you for your work. My wife is very thrilled to have this for around the house while she cleans etc. People like you make this site what it is and I hope to be able to give back as my cad/cam skills grow

OK I glued together with cyanacrylate and I think it works.
The gap between pod and horn is part of design intension.
If i see Problems at my sample I will solve it.

regards ;-)

thank you so much! I'll print and give feedback

Could you use this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:351565 as a template or just adapt it? It's alread sized for the commuter case

Screw down S4 commuter mount
by vankoy

OK.. hopefully I finished. Its not perfect but I think it works.
At moment I make a finalized print.

If I finished and have a result I contact you again.

for Otterbox use all V3 stuff.

damn... didnt found that.
Now I've made my own. I nearly finished just a last test with the printer.

Hahaha. Sorry. I just saw it by accident

I might make it with two rear feet for even more stability

ok.. after some tests I think you where right. I need two rear feet.
Now the center stiffener follows the main horn contour.

The biggest challenge is now to make the otterbox pod.

I wish I could help with the otterbox change. I just got my 3d printer recently so I'm new to CAD. FreeCAD makes no sense to me but I'm learning sketchup

Yes, if you want to help... no problem. But if you have problems with sketchup I cant help you. Im familiar with autocad. Just give me feedback if you stuck, or if it works. Next weekend would for me the next date to proceed the project.

I tried to look at the v2 pod in sketchup but I don't even understand how you can make something so perfect to begin with lol. I have much learning ahead of me apparently. I would assume one would only need to make the pod slightly wider and taller on the sides to accommodate the otterbox but I know nothing. whenever you get a chance is fine I don't want to push and I'm very grateful you even care enough to bother.

Did you scan a case in or make the pod by hand?

No problem. I can do the pod. I have a scanner but it is for big scale objects. So.. i make some photos scale them at CAD and make a drawing based on them. And finally i make some test at the printer. Normally that works.

I will check this on a sample, which I print at this moment.

I dont know how to make a nice fit for the Otterbox but we will see later....

Oh yeah I like this one better. It seems more stable. Can't wait for the otterbox version. You rock!