Laser Cut Star Trek Enterprise

by masynmachien Sep 20, 2014
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I converted to .DXF using the Inkscape (free) and it printed just fine. I ended up shrinking it a factor of 2.8/3 because my plastic was 2.8mm instead of 3. the fit is pretty good except for the little piece that makes the deflector in front. A drop of glue would be helpful, but I printed it in clear acrylic just for fun and I didn't want the glue to show.

Thanks for exploring my design. I made the design for laser cutting, so I have never tried converting it to stl. I know svg's can be a bit quirky when importing them in other programs. Maybe you can try the pdf? To my experience an old pdf is more robust.
You can also go and look for the 3D printed version someone made based on my design and put on thingiverse.

And thanks for the link to the D-7.

Got it figured out. Just had to play with the SVG file in Inkscape a bit and everything came out beautifully. Thanks for sharing. This is really a fun design. I've looked at a lot of Enterprise models and this is my favorite.

I pulled the .svg file into Tinkercad to produce an STL file, but when I did so, the saucer and the base were solid - no slits in them. The holes in the deflector pieces were there, but no slits in the saucer and base. I also I imported the .svg file for the "Laser Cut Star Trek Klingon D-7" (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:775613) into TInkercad and all the pieces came out correctly for that one.
I can recreate the slits manually in Tinkercad, but it would be a lot easier if they imported correctly. Any ideas why the slits in these two pieces don't show up properly?

Laser Cut Star Trek Klingon D-7

I've got corel X4 and PDF files wond import since adobe updated the PDF format. I guess I'll just keep trying.

I saved the PDF from Inkscape in a PDF 1.5 format. That is an old format, so updates from adobe shouldn't be the problem.

You could try Inkscape, It's free and available on all platforms. From there you can export/save in a number of formats.

That is why there is also a PDF included ;-)
I always use PDF to go from Inkscape to Corel Draw, because of the surprises that occur with SVG.
Let me now if the PDF also doesn't work for you.

I tried openinig the SVG file in corel draw and half the image works and the other half is stretched all over the place. Any ideas?