Dragon Egg Case - Screws Together

by NathanSquire67 Sep 21, 2014
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Printed 3 of these for the Season 8 premiere on my Ender 3. Turned out really nice. A little trouble getting the pieces screwed together the first time but it becomes easier after that.

Does this print work well with the MakerBot Replicator+?

This is a super cool pattern. So far, I've made two as gifts (third just starting printing which is also a gift). It prints beautifully and easily and since it doesn't need supports to print it comes off the bed looking great. The first one I printed was actually scaled up but about 50% and it still turned out looking great. Fantastic work.

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Hey Nathan,

i guess, because you are working in blender, that you only have the .stl files.
How did you make the screwing mechanism? I am only used to construcitve design programs such as autodesk fusion.

I am asking because I would like to remix your screwing mechanism with this egg: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2427066
Because the surface of yours is not detailed enough if you print it in a much larger scale and your inner volume is quite small. I guess one could optimize it.
Would you like to work together in doing so?

Plus, it would be really cool if you could upload the stl files separately in this design to make sclaing easier.

kind regards

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Container
by mrtom82

This is cool! Could you alter the design and add a pocket at the bottom for a tiny little battery and on/off switch, and maybe some places around the inside walls to insert micro LEDs? It would look way cool printed in a transparent filament (like I did) and lit from inside.

My Anet A2 spent almost 5 hrs printing this with PLA 210 hot end- 50 bed -25 fill density %- 0.2 resolution- flow ratio 100% - speed 60 and the printed finished very nice.

Currently printing this and noticing at multiple sections, it seemed like the printer was stuttering. Has anyone else printing this noticed that as well or know if its related to the printer itself? I print with an anet a8 with 40mm/s .2 resolution 200 hotend cold bed.

I printed this for my kids but I also scaled it up a little and it took my craftbot about 12 hours printing at 60mm/s with .2 mm layer height. The software said it would take 9, but took a lot longer than that. Any ideas to make it faster?

great little product - printed a couple so far at 100 and 200 microns. shame the threaded column is necessary and not incorporated into the base (Not complaining - I am crap with 3d software and would take me forever to get close to this). Thanks for uploading.
for info... I print it with a raft on a wanhao duplicator i3 v2

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Love the eggs and have printed a few - my 5 yo loves to hide things in them!

Just wondering if you have a version with a rounded bottom?


does anyone print this with supports or do I not need them? seems supports would wreck the treads

I added supports for the bottom half of the egg. Not sure i needed to. I am going to try printing without supports and see if it saves me some time

and? did you need the supports?

Nope. Supports are not needed for this print at all.

Id also love to get the 3 parts seperate. I printed 6, but had seveal of the screws misprint. If i could print jsut the scres that would be awesome.


Hi Nathan
Great model, printed one and perfect.
could you upload the 3 parts separately so I can scale them up and print them individually


You can do this with your slicing software, such as Cura.

Hi there!

I'm a big fan of this design, congratz!

I've printed it twice, once original and once twice the size and both present the same issue: once you close the lid, the upper part is slightly displaced from the lower part.

One of the times, a print failed so i took the chance to measure the screwing side of the upper part just to confirm the central circumference where you later screw the threaded rod is slightly displaced, ie i'm getting 0.9cm in one side and 1.1cm in the other:


Do you think this is something present in your design or my printers fault? If the first, can you fix it?
Weird no one else reported this as it's really hard to make both parts fit togheter without seeing themselves "displaced"...

Thanks a lot!

Hey, thanks for letting me know, I think its a problem with my model. I'm planning on remaking it sometime soon, with more realistic scales and a larger volume on the inside, so I'll make sure it fits well second time round. Thanks.

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About 65cm tall, although it can be scaled without problems.

Very nice job -- printed flawlessly and fit together snugly with no filing or sanding.

Can you create a version of this with the screw cog separate from the two egg shell pieces? I'm trying to resize to make it large enough for a music box to be put inside.

I printed it out and noticed that there are couple of scales that stick out more than others on the model. Is that by design? Those scales are noticeable in Thingview as well.

Yes every scale should be slightly different in size and shape, my first version they were all identical, but it didn't look right so I did them all one at a time instead. Thanks for printing my thing!