iPhone 6 Basic Case

by hangsta Sep 21, 2014
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Would it be able to fit an IPhone 6S

Great design. Thanks for sharing. Just printed it. It perfecta fits. I will modify the stl tomorrow to put my 'logo' on it.

I downloaded your file, threw them into Fusion 360 and added my companies logo! Printed great first try and looks great! Super well done.

How do you open this in fusion 360? I cant figure it out and which version do i download so that i can open it? Thanks

Hi - This looks really great, nice job!!

I am having some slight issues when printing - model layers seem to have a bit of spacing and not really coming out completely solid (a bit stringy). I am relatively new to 3d printing, but seems that my by build plate and temps are good due to how well the skirt is coming out before the model and other completed mdoels.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot settings for this?

  • I am printing on a MonoPrice Ultimate IIIP
  • Does this require a specific layer height, line width, or wall settings?

Im really quite lost when it comes to refining settings for different object. Please any help at all would be greatly great;y appreciated!

Thank you

Scratch my last post, I accidentally had my filament at the wrong diameter. Print came out perfectly.

The colour of your print on the pictures looks great.
Can you tell me the colour (RAL) of your filament? Thx

I love this design. I run a charity at my high school that donates toys and books to kids in need in the greater boston area. To earn some charity revenue I would like to sell 3D printed cases. A member of the charity has a 3D printer, but is at a novice level at best. Is there anyway you could help create a case with our simple logo on it? if so contact me at giveagiftbhs@gmail.com . THANKS and HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME

If you can find be the stl of the logo, I can put it on the case. I can also put some text on there for you. I don't mind helping a charity.

hey dude I loved this case it just finished printing and I was wondering if I could have the obj file to use this as a base for a Christmas present?

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May I ask what tolerance you used, if any?

I like tried this design and have used it. Unfortunately it wasn't comfortable at all when using the phone - the ear 'hurts' at the sharp edges on top. I'll try to make it round and reprint :-)

Mine split when I put it on the phone because the width of the bottom left side is too small.

Do you think you could make me one that says "Red Sox" on it?

can you make me a case with DEWALT on it

do you still want one that says "dewalt"?

IPhone 6 case with dewalt on it
by sham2

I also need a custom design made into a case. Have you had any luck finding a black case dwg file for altering in CAD?

for a iphone 6?

works pretty good. Nice fit into the phone. Works for Iphone 6 and 6s. the edges could use some rounding to make for a better fit in the hand but over all nice model.

What Version/file Works best atm? everything ive printed before has a little slack when fit on the phone, is there any case that fits 100%?

Hi everyone, I've updated the model to v3. It has rounder corners for better aesthetics and less pant-snagging. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for posting this! It has helped me several times- I think I've posted a few iPhone 6 cases using this as a template. Feel free to check them out on my page. Thanks again!

Did you print this is rigid plastic? I have ABS I would like to print it in, but only if it will snap on correctly.

Yes, rigid plastic. It won't stay on with soft plastic. It is thin enough that it flexes to snap in.

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do you happen to also design one for iPhone 6 plus?

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it posted that comment a few too many times

what nozzle size are you using

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Including the SolidWorks part file is greatly appreciated. I wish others would do the same.

I was wondering, how do you edit the file in Sketch up?
Thanks for answers!

Thank you so much!!

My V2 is telling me that I need a heated plate to run this print, and I don't have one. Workarounds?

If you are printing with PLA on blue tape you should be alright if you have a cooling fan. If it warps then try adding brim to improve bed adhesion.

I have printed out 6 other cases for my iphone 6 and none of them fit but your v2 case fits perfectly and I am currently using it! Thank you for such a great design.

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Excellent work! This is a great looking case.

Case fits my phone very well, tight enough the phone doesn't move around but easy to take on and off. Could have a bit more protection around the bottom of the phone. I believe it was designed this way to avoid interfering with docking stations. I wish the lower portion was thicker and wrapped around more. The bottom corners on mine are sharp and occasionally get snagged in my pocket.

At 100% with PLA it was a bit too small for my Iphone so the second print was made at 101% and fitted perfectly.

It maybe too late now, but did you happen to add additional shells to the print?

Could you upload the SLDPRT file?

I would really like the SLDPRT file too.

I've uploaded it.

How can I find out the dimensions of the case? I have to sumbit that information to my University in order to get them to print it.

You can use a program like Netfabb Basic (free) to measure the part.

Thanks for sharing. Printed this case at 101% on MakerBot Replicator 2 using ABS. Fits nice.

problem with bottom i try but not work with bottom

Are you having trouble snapping the phone in without breaking the case? If others have the same problem I can increase the width a tiny bit.

Yes, it broke when I tried to put the phone in it.

I updated the file to v2. I increased the width by 20 mils and it should fit more easily now. Thanks for the feedback.

it work perfect 100% but i thing u check top +0,01

yeah thank hangsta ill try and fb.good for update hope well with me