Thing-O-Matic 500

by benmah Feb 5, 2013
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Can i also do this with 8mm rods, or is that not viable?

It is entirely up to you. I uses 10mm just to have more strength when the extruder is in the center.

Oh, in the skp file you have a lot of printed parts that aren't in the thing files...can you post all of those? Maybe and updated BOM?


It'll take some time for me to do an update. Yes I do notice many stl are not there. You might need to change the stepper motor mount to fit your stepper motor. I am using a bigger motor from my junk box.

Thanks! Wish me luck!

Did you get this up and running? Any changes before I try?

Yes. I did get it running. The only thing I keep changing is the z-axis platform and placement of the extruder boards due to the extruder heater and thermocouple wire length limitation. PS. I did change the end stop of X & Y Axis to the opposite side. I upload my latest SKP file.

sorry if I missed this but what size aluminum t extrusion are you building with. I am currently getting 8020 1x1 1010 series.

Should be able to print 420mmx420mmx106. I did not want to get a new stepper motor for Z-axis. So Height will be the same as TOM.

this is cool, im building a printer using misumi 2040 and 404020(its like an l shape) mine should have a print area of 400^3+. and im using two nema 17s per axis to increase torque and speed, and i wanted to do some milling on it too. good luck!

What printing volume you aim for?

Using maker slide will end up like me using all those individual parts which will bring up cost as you have to mix and match rollers, bearings and still have to use belt and pulleys i guess. I would be looking at cheaper alternative from HIWIN (Taiwan) Linear actuators (KK type). It has everything build in. Plug in the stepper motor and some settings and print. It is also very precise.

If I saw correctly it said a precision of 1mm, which isn't all that great actually.

Might want to check out maker slide to reduce linear rail cost.

I sure want to use linear drives assembly. I found out using belt and timing pulley more expensives and hard to find. I am using htd 3mm pitch which is not worth investing because I have to use 5 pcs of it which caused my project over budgeted. I would upgrade it to linear drives later stage when all my parts are complete. Thanks DanLuc.

Like to see more ppl do this with proper extrusions. I decided to do a similar one and get rid of the belts, an expensive alternative but I think well worth it.