Printed Flight Triple (Tricopter)

by sarky1 Sep 24, 2014
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The links in the description do not resolve anymore.
Are the "More Details at BCFPV http://www.bcfpv.com/printed-flight-triple/" available anywhere else?
I have printed all the parts for this and have pretty much all the other parts on order to complete, looking forward to posting pictures of my Sarky1 tricopter in the future.

How do I mount the servo? And what servo did you use?

what servo did you use for the tail yaw

Hi there, Have you tried this with longer arms?

I haven't tried this with longer arms. I don't see the need as it tends to fly so smooth with correct tuning.

+1 for sarky1's comment. this thing is so smooth in the air with this config. like butter. The arms are just long enough to feel swoop like a plane but if you want it to be precision, its crazy fast and agile! i fly mine on 3S With SunnySky X2212-13 980kv's and it is like a bullet.

Could you please provide steps for the electronics part? I am new to Arduinos... Like what to do with components after I get them, in terms of mounting and programming? And how to connect a camera?

how are you attaching the wires for the camera/battery tray to the copter's underside? i get the plates for under the tray but what about the connection to the copter?

Damm your build looks good. I spend the weekend diving down mountains with mine. I will post videos this week!!!

Yes bending the wires is a bitch haha but it gives you appreciation.

This is true! i really appreciate your help in guiding me through this build. I will get a video once i get the electronics all wired up.

Thanks again!!

Ah good spot.

I have uploaded Printed Flight Triple - Frame Front Clamp.stl and Printed Flight Triple - Frame Rear Clamp.stl they go underneath the frame and the bolt holes line up.

Thank you Thank you!

Do you have any recommendations for motors for this set-up?
What controller are you using for the copter?
Do you have more specific instructions on how to assemble the yaw hinge?

Great design, the printing wen flawlessly! Thanks for all your hard work.

I will post a pic of the completed model when i figure out how to do the yaw hinge.

For sure!

I'm running Rc Man Child 1000kv's

But any 1000kv motor will give you amazing performance. You could probably go down to a 800kv if you like.

ESC's these are great and cheap!

I use 8x4.5 APC multirotor prop's highly recommend these!
Just yesterday I got 70kmph (45 mph) with them.

Flight controller.
I have used Ardupilot on this but I prefer a simple KK2 board.

The yaw mechanism is pretty easy

  1. Grab an M3 that will go all the way through. I think its 40mm
  2. Use a drill to drill out the bottom piece so that it moves freely on the M3 but leave the top (motor mount) alone.
  3. Place them together and thread the screw through. Don't go to tight as its only plastic but tight enough that there is no slop.
    4.Servo horn. I usually us a small m3 to get it centred on the face and then use a tiny drill bit to pilot some holes through the arms of the servo horn. Then just use some CA and 2 small screws to secure it down. Take out the small M3 and it should push up on the servo. I will upload some close ups tonight for you.

are you running your tricopter on a 3S or a 4S battery?

I'm run this on a 4s 3300mah. With 1000kv motors and 35amp Esc's

Thanks for your fast reply! 2 last Q's and i will go away i promise... what kind of flight times are you getting on this set-up and also, do you think that the motors you use would be ok on 30A ESC's?

I bought 900Kv motors for hobby king and 2 of them have bad bearings already so I'm going to spend the money and upgrade to better ones, if i can avoid having to buy new esc's and avoid having to re-do my wire harnesses, i will appreciate that...

Thank you again for your guidance. i can't wait to start filming. my first video flight is pure jello due to failed bearings in the motors.

Thank you Very Much!

I have uploaded the TX mount.

Awesome. I must say this thing is excellent. It is nimble and fun. The frame can take some weight and it definitely will make for smooth video once I get to that point. I am planning on strapping. An old iPhone to it tomorrow while I learn how to fly it better. Don't want to waste a go pro in a stupid mistake crash. But I have not wrecked mine yet in 6 batteries. Thanks again for my new obsession!

Roughly how much does the frame weigh?

Sorry I don't have a frame that is not all mounted up. It is Light tho and I guess it would depend how much of a solid infill you used.

Hey Paul,
I'm using 1.5mm wire for the camera tray.
I actually already have the same design for 10mm booms I will upload shortly.

What wire did you use to hang the battery tray/camera mount?

Also is it possible for the design files so i can adapt it for 10mm booms

I have uploaded the parts for 10mm Booms, There are 4 parts that differ they are Motor mount L, R, Yaw mount and frame bottom.