Freetrack Head Tracking IR Clip for HD555/595

by t00fatt Sep 26, 2014
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Using CR123A batterys how long did the battery last? since they are very expensive

How much voltage are your IR LEDS?

I have Osram SFH485P and they are 1.2V so do you have another voltage LED or do u use resistors? And parallel or in serie?

Till now i used them on 2 AAA batteries but thats to heavy but even then i had to use a resistor.

how long did your batterys last using 2AAA?
i have Osram SFH485P rated at 1,5V and am not sure what kind of battery to get.

My IR LEDs are rated for 1.5 volts so I had to use resistors.

so you are using standard 850nm 5mm IR leds? also you mentioned low density foam, but have since added bulbs to print with white/transparent filament. which is the better option?


I am using standard (narrow angle) but bright IR LEDS, and I'm using the printed bulbs rather than foam now. The bulbs have worked great for me, but I've only really used them in dimly lit rooms. They likely won't work as well in brighter rooms. Wide angle LEDs would likely be better in that case.

I thought wide angle LED's were more for continued visibility from all angles whereas the IR pass filter handles the brightness ??

Wide angle LEDs should be wide enough to use bare, but I have no experience with them. My diffuser bulbs don't output as much light as a bare wide angle LED, but can be seen from any angle not obstructed by your head.

Sunlight (and possibly incandescent lights) has enough IR that it may out compete my diffusers and cause tracking issues, I've never tried them in a brightly lit room, so I don't want to say they will work well in that environment, they may or they may not. But bare wide angle LEDs should be bright enough to work in a room lit with sunlight. I personally prefer my diffusers, but I'm not sure how they will work in all environments.

Interesting. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you use ir LEDs or reflective points

You can use either, but the design is intended for LEDs. The wiring is just internal, and in my images the LEDs are covered with low density white foam to diffuse the light to allow for better tracking from all angles.

you could try sanding the LEDs to diffuse the ir light, not sure how better it would be :D

Low density foam is significantly better for diffusion and distributes the light more evenly. You lose light output, but my tracking range is well over 180 degrees. I am only feeding my LEDs 35% of their max current, and are already bright enough. Admittedly though, I've never tried it in an extremely bright sunlit room.

ahh, learned something new!
good job overall!