Ekobots - Magnetic slingshot

by jsirgado Sep 26, 2014
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This one doesn't work because if you take a close inspection, the working models on youtube.com and elsewhere have the "N" (blue) and "S" (red) overlapping each other in line effectively forcing in this case a projectile of "NSNS" magnets through a completely "N" field. For the above Rail Gun to work, the magnets will need to be arranged so that the lower "N" field completely lines up with the next magnets "S" field.

Nice "Theory" but you are in the wrong place, this site is about "Things".
PIease, you can ask for questions or build one before any negative comment, do it.



I really hate take photos and make videos to prove the obvious, but you are not the first to say this.
I do it for passion, no money here, just to show to others interesting and funny things that any one can build.
If you do not like or you do not believe just do not download, do not build it.
But for all things in live never say it not works, it is impossible without try.

I design, build and tested it before publish.
I made a lot of things and less than 1% of then are in the site.
I design and build very complex things not a simple toy for a kid print like this,
but all things that I publish in the site are simple and work well.
I believe it will not work with normal magnets they are not strong enough.
but it works very well with neodymium magnets, read the instructions.
I used small magnets because they are cheap and to make the print process fast and simple.
You can not print a 2 meters rail in a normal 3D printer.

About the theory, I know noting about magnetic fields and overlapping forces, it just works.
But magnetic forces are more complex than you thinks. When you put different poles near or together,
the opposite fields are pushed down forming like an unique and stronger magnet, you can see this in the CERN,
were they use the 9 elements 45 degrees "Halbach" array magnetic field arrangement.

To finish, the object was made in OpenSCAD, if you want, you can download it,
change the position or size of the magnets and then tel us if it is better or not.

I made one.
It just doesn't work at all... :o(

I made some videos, maybe they can help you.

Hi. Have you used neodymium magnets 10mm x 10mm and align all following the blue-print?
I thing it is hard to does't work, please verify the magnets poles.