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by TheNewHobbyist Feb 7, 2013
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This is a very cool too you've made, but I found it because I'm trying to find a 1.62" 20 AMP Twist Lock (L5-20R) and a decora style rocker. Can you add circular receptacles? They are different sizes like 1.4, 1.62 and 1.73 I think are the common ones.

Is there any way to change the screw settings for the blanks? I need a single flip switch in one, and a blank in the other. The side with the switch prints with perfect spots for the screw. The blank is not in line with that, and doesn't work at all! I appreciate any information anyone may have on this.

Hey, I wanted thicker plate for a switch that doesn't fit in my junction box. I tried replacing the "6" in plate() and plate_inner() with a global parameter, but now the bevel cubes cut into the new height. I cant figure out what else needs to be adjusted.

Impressive and useful. Well done.

You should add dual RCA for running audio to amplifiers. Maybe even Binding post terminals for whole house speaker systems.


BUT, as per typical electrical code, low voltage wiring should be separated from high voltage wiring. There should be a separation. There are dual enclosures available for this purpose. Just be careful mixing high and low voltage wiring should an electrical fire happen and the insurance company see this they will not cover the damages.

bingo, the image that is featured show a high voltage connector between two low voltage connectors, I am not aware of a single wall plate on the market that allows for that

Hi. Great Customizable. If you are still making updates, would it be possible to add an SO-239 amateur radio connector as an option? There are actually two types (if you are not familiar): one with just a single hole and the other is a bulkhead type with holes in four corners. This would be really helpful. Thank you!

Hi, I need a plate with 2 square openings for 2 dimmer switches. How would I do that with the customizer as I've never used it.

This might be the most awesome Openscad application I've found, ever. Really great work.

Has anyone found a white filament that matches the 'typical' white wall plates? I've tried 3 or 4 different types from Amazon and can't find one that's a great match.

I don't know if the Customizer is working or not, but I just went in and edited the OpenSCAD code directly. Worked great - thanks!

Hey - it's not working - how come?

I'm so bummed this is no longer working at all. Is there any workaround?

Customizer isn't working for me, is there any way to fix it, I would love to print a few of these custom plates!!

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This was excellent! I made a 3 gang toggle plate, dragged it into Fusion 360 so I can carve a relief into it which I will now fill/color with a 3D pen. The print came out perfectly sized!

Yeah this is not working for me. I get a runtime error

i have one double box in my house that puts the plate 1/4 inch from the wall when decora switches are installed, How do i change the depth of the sides to fill the gap? I am a total noob to printing and i have only printed others files never created my own before. Thanks in advance for any help,

Just me or is Wally Customizer broke? Super handy and I need a standard/decora double plate for some home automation stuff but no luck with multiple machines? I've used it before with great luck.

It looks like Customizer is broken sitewide. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon.

Wow. Just wow.
Thanks so much for making this thing for everyone.
I'm new to 3D printing, and have owned my home a couple of years. I have some funky electrical, so as I've upgraded/switched out things, I might be missing something or removing others.
It was so awesome to save a trip to the hardware store (even though I work at one!) to not have to go get a stupid hard-to-find rocker/blank double plate.
I love living in the future, and I really appreciate the time you took to make a design others could use.

Wow, A lot of people need custom wall plates... Who Knew? I too am in need of a custom switch plate. i need one with a 2" automotive gauge... not kidding, I have both Vacuum and Air pressure plumbed into my kitchen. I am kinda new to the 3D printing world -so take it easy on me please... any help would be printed immediately... eerrr... greatly appreciated!

This is great I just printed an F + Keytsone plate that has been missing from my wall for many years.

Nice piece of work! Where would I start if I wanted to add a deep plate for old work outlets that protrude from the wall? Or perhaps make the inside bevel smaller and inner face surface thinner to add some clearance?

did you ever find a solution to this issue, I have a similar problem?

Not yet but I did manage to make other modifications https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2531966

ReModded WALLY Plate Customizer

Hey, great upload! Is this compatible with 4 11/16" boxes, or only the more common 4" boxes? Thanks either way!

Can you make a triple big square light switch?

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could I have one that is two gang decora and landscape mounted Samsung NOte 3?

I made one and it works great. The custom design I went with is two RJ45 slots and one Coaxial slot. In addition i made a housing case to house two RJ45 couplers in the black of the plate. Thanks you TheNewHobbyist

Hi, great project, very useful

I modded a custom plate to add the 240V/20A North american plug.

If you need the specs, I started with a blank side, added a 1,406" diameter hole (middle) and the screw holes are 2 3/8" apart center-to-center, from the center of the plate ! :)

The plate is printing as of this writing.. haven't tried it but those are the specs on plate sold in stores.

Please upload your 240V 20A plate design! I need this, but in 4 11/16" format. I can start with yours though, and mod from there, if that's possible.

Will try to do it later in the day, I cant reach my design right now.

My one complaint is that it should be able to fit 8 cat 5 jacks on a plate, at least. Other than that I love it!

nice thing!
just is, here in europe we have completely different standards for those plates.
maybe i can adapt the code one time :)

Is it just me or do the rocker wallplates have some defects on the surface side? I tried the single and double plate and both have a few lines that look like scratches on them. Any help appreciated because I would love to make some. thanks

Nice thing!!!!
I made a 4 wide plate for our local high school STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathmatics) program's new ham shack.
I selected F connectors then had to ream the dia. out with a step drill to allow for a SO239 Barrel connector. Works great!!
How about adding SO239/PL259 selection too? 15.5mm dia should be about perfect...
tnx again!

what attachment do I need to make the hdmi plate work I assume you based it around a certain connection

I based the HDMI opening on these panel mount connectors from DataPro. They had pretty nice diagrams on their site so that helped quite a bit.

Pretty cool bro. too bad I live in Europe and our wall plates are different

I just need a standard size plate with one circle in the middle.

this is great, would be nice to add some customisation, maybe different bevels? a slightly recessed area for a standard 12mm label maker? lots of possibilities, but it's a great and very functional project, i already have wallplates in my house, but i might print some of these just for fun!

Very nicely down. The one type of jack that I could not see how you would do with this is a common plate where you can put 2 data and 2 phone jacks in a single box. It pops out a bit from the wall to accommodate all the connectors but with the increasing data needs is nice for a lot of existing houses.

this is awesome!

how about adding the ability to add a text label?
like to specify which room a lightswitch is for...

Great Thing! Only one missing that I use a lot of are the Radio Shack Model: 274-718 Catalog #: 2740718 CHASSIS-MOUNT DUAL FEMALE BINDING POST. Would love to be able to mount 2 or more per plate. Need to be 3/4" square placement c/l of holes. Thanx!


Comments deleted.

Yeah im going to throw my 220v hat in the ring here as well. This is a crucial outlet to have as an option. Not that opening it up in cad and cutting a few circles out is the end of the world... but if were talkin golden trophy logo.... we need to have all the outlets represented including euro stuff.

As DPETTIT and jballard have previously requested, I would like to request support for 6 keystone cutouts in a single gang. Also implementation of the 4 and 3 cutout designs would be much appreciated. Thanks for your wonderful work on this. I look forward to using it.

It's been said by Cola, but I'll request it as well. The addition of a round 20a 220v outlet would be great!

I like this, it is very helpful. A suggestion to improve the customizer, have the ability to have text on the face plate. "Circuit breaker 12", "port 22A", "Top plug controlled by light switch" It is an imprint instead of a label maker.

This is awesome thank you for this. I am gonna be printing a number of these. :D You Rock.

I need this for a round plate!

Thanks for making this. I have looked everywhere locally, and cannot find the 4-gang plate I needed. This may be the first thing I print when I get my printer in december!

Are there any threads/pointers to custom adjusting the size of each plate separately? Situation: double light switch toggle box was placed so close to the left end of the backsplash, that a standard plate hangs over the tile on the left. I need to narrow the outer left side of the plate by .6 cm or so (and maybe the right side to match), while keeping the standard distance between the toggles.
Any pointers on adjusting the plate side would be welcome.

I actually had to do this for a friend with an unusual plate setup. I found the easiest way for me to do it was to just export a plate from Thingiverse and make the small modifications in Google SketchUp.

Love this app made a bunch already, however was wondering if there any way to accommodate the round 20a 250v outlets? Like this;

I haven't looked at this project in awhile. When I get a chance to revisit it I'll add that to the list of updates.

That example plate... putting a VGA monitor, then an AC Power, then a dual clip (ethernet, audio, any keystone), then a display port/dvi...
total violation of the best practices. keep your high voltage separate from your signalling. your video, audio, and internet should be in a low voltage area, not tied beside a 60hz AC power signal. thats how you get interference.

I had two wall plates in my apartment that were pieced together crap-jobs and I was able to design and print out really nice black ones to match the rest of the plates in the apartment. You deserved to win this one - excellent idea and design! You could probably start a small side business and website just configuring and printing these for people. Heck most folks would probably pay 10 tp 20 bucks for a hard to find customized wall plate in the color they liked. High fives 3d printing brother!

There even more bnc. sma, speaker,grommet sizes, other

Hi Wally,
Love it great job. Hey what about more on the same plate. Like offset up to 6 keystones on same plate. Also maybe RCA connectors so you have feed through for video and dual rca for audio. That would work for component video also red, green, blue. I think it would be great to put 6 connectors on single plate depending on size. Take look at datapro option for plates you can do the same.

I printed out a custom wall plate that I needed for the house that could not be found in any local big box department store. Perfect fit. Fantastic work!

Please forgive if this has already be asked. Is there a way to get a 2D eps of the design for laser cutting (I'd like to make a stainless steel faceplate for multiple video connections)?

is there any way to customize the plate further with labels for each port? now that would be awesome! thanks!

It's something I'd like to add when I get a chance to work on this again. I've been working on other projects but this is still on my todo list!

I would love the ability to add recessed text to the plate for labeling and customization etc!
any chance this is still going to happen?

Really great work on this btw.

Hello TheNewHobbyist (Chris)! This is a fantastic implementation in OpenSCAD, and we at DataPro couldn't be more pleased that our cutout dimensions helped bring it about! If there's any other dimensional information you might need, just let us know and we'll dig it out for you.

We printed a 1-gang plate with the USB-A cutout and a keystone on our new Replicator 2X and noticed that while some keystones will fit in the frame you designed (F-Type keystone, RCA, PS/2), a network jack doesn't have enough clearance to rock into position the way keystones are supposed to.

You might also consider adding some supports behind the mounting points for the plate itself. See this image for reference: http://i.imgur.com/WKvUavA.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/WKvUavA.jpg

Seriously, great job on this. We hope you'll remember us when you're famous!


Thanks for the info guys, I've noticed the keystones are on the tight side too. I'll make sure to adjust that in my next update.

Good idea for the mounting supports, I hadn't considered that.

mixing low voltage and high voltage in the same electrical box is against code in most places.

Great work for our community can't see more of your design. Props

Isn't this something that should only be installed by a licensed electrician?
And hence only have limited usefulness for most people?
Or are you by publishing this, encouraging illegal home wiring practice?

Illegal to install a faceplate? Where do you LIVE? It'd take a special kind of person to get injured or otherwise do it unsafely - those people probably shouldn't be trusted around anything that moves or gets hot, either.

In terms of its legality, it is completely legal in the US to do work on your own home without being licenced or insured when a project reaches a certain size however you need to have permits and you need have a licence/insurance to pull a permit. If you end up shocking yourself(you would have to be a complete tool to do it while replacing a decorative wall plate) then you have no one to blame but yourself. So unless your planning to sue your self I think you're safe.

Have you been to a local hardware store in the past few decades?

Basically all the electrical items in the hardware store will have written on them: "May only be installed by a licensed electrician". At least where I'm from. His point may still stand.

No, no, and no?

It's not even at the level of replacing a light switch (which is generally legal for a homeowner to do themselves anyhow). It's replacing a decorative cover over it, which doesn't even interact with the electricals.

a single keystone plate can have slots for up to 6 keystones, it would be a great additions to this file.

Please keep in mind that actual wall plates have fire suppression additives for obvious reasons. Our 3D printer filaments do not, and will burn quite nicely.

not that im aware of, they are made of many materials including wood, and nylon, both burn readily.

The flamability standard for wall plates in USA is UL514D, other countries will have similar standards. The standard requires a plastic flame rated for UL94 V0 or UL94 V2. Check out http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/offerings/industries/chemicals/plastics/testing/flame/http://www.ul.com/global/eng/p...
for what the flame ratings really mean...
For jballard: being not aware of something and knowing it is OK, are two very different things...

UL Standards are voluntary (although local governments may require UL rated products to meet some of their building codes). UL is 20% marketing gimmick and 80% "If we get sued, we can say our product was safety tested by an independent laboratory." You can make/sell/use a tissue paper outlet cover with no UL mark if you want to. It's your American right. It's only a question of liability... which may have been spirit of macegr's comment since he said "keep in mind" and didn't say "don't make this." :) It's certainly not dangerous for networking, A/V, or coax. You might want to think twice about using on 50A 220V welder outlet though. :)

"UL Standards are voluntary (although local governments may require UL rated products to meet some of their building codes)."

In my jurisdiction, they use NEC 2017 as local code. I found this when I went to the local government website and searched for "electrical". When I pulled a permit, nobody asked me for a contractors license or insurance. The inspector was available for questions at any time. What they cared about was doing the right job, and inspections are a second set of eyes. Use them! I paid $30 for the permit, well worth the time of the very knowledgable gentleman that arrived.

When I excitedly told him I had made a plate for the wall and was going to 3D print it, he looked at me with sad trombone eyes and said don't do that. I had a perfect inspection so far and I was worried that he might not approve. His statement was the NEC says all items used must be "listed", which is to say a regulatory body recognized by the NEC has approved them. UL is one of those bodies. His point was valid, there are criteria such as those that @DVanditmars provided. Besides flame resistance, there is also impact resistance. If I am seeing double after drinking a bottle of Jack and try to plug the welder in the 50A socket, I might miss the socket and crack the plate, catch some conductors inside, etc. Probably a bad day in the end.

The bigger concern is insurance. Insurance companies don't give a fsck about people, they just care about whether a claim was filed and the source of the claim was a part that didn't meet NEC when it was installed. The reason is without a listed part to blame, they have nobody to subrogate against. Might be a little better with people that carry a personal liability policy, but even that policy might not cover a situation like that. Want to read all the fine print and take your chances? Certainly your call...

Finally, if / when you sell your house, not disclosing changes that are not to code can leave you personally liable long after you sell it.

Great idea, very useful!

I used this to make, and print, a 'Full Plate - Rocker/Designer' switch plate. Those are the ones that have the single large rocker switch for turning on/off the lights.

The rectangular hole for the switch is too large. The switch dimensions are: 65.5mm X 32.5mm. The design prints out a 70.7mm X 38.5mm hole which is too large for the standard switches.

The mounting holes for the switch plate also turn out to be in the wrong place. The distance between them should be about 96.5mm and this program prints them out about 82mm apart. It looks like the measurements were probably made from the ends of the rectangular hole for the switch, rather than down from the top of the switch plate.

I did not try other designs after the first one had the incorrect dimensions. This is a great idea, but it may need a little more work.

Thanks for the heads up, I picked up a few plates after work and have made the corrections you pointed out. Thanks!

Do you have dimensions for the correct size of the rocker cutout? I used the dimensions from this rocker: http://i.imgur.com/RmbXq2b.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/RmbXq2b.png

But since it sounds like it's a little off I'd like to adjust it.

You're right about the screw hole locations, I used standard box width for that plate, I missed that they were slightly different. Thanks for the catch.

Thanks for the info, I'll look into this later today.

I attempted to make one that is 3 panels wide but the customizer does not let me type in the plate width area. I chose the three panels and it only creates the first one. Other than that, COOL!

There is a slider under the "Plate Width" label. If you move that to the right it will add additional plates. Let me know if you have any additional trouble!

Thanks! The slider was not visible in Internet Explorer V9. I opened it in Chrome and it worked.

I'm going to use this in my new shop.

amazing thanks !!!!

Looks like someone just won the useful objects challenge ;)

hahaha, I called it ;)

Yes, congratulations!

Thanks all! I'm excited to get experimenting with dualstrusion!

Very nice! Thank you!

I love the idea of text labels. If you have any trouble with Write.scad, I'm happy to help!

I have some vertical sliders in my house. They are like this: http://www.kyledesigns.com/product/SPS600-DPDT-TOGGLES/Old-Style-Long-Toggle-DPDT-Switch-Plates.htmlhttp://www.kyledesigns.com/pro... .

The opening is (by the tech sheet) 2 23/32" (1.718") tall by 15/32" (0.468") wide.

I'd love to have 3D printed faceplates with labels for which slider controlled which light.

I've added both text labels and your slider to my v1.1 check list. Thanks for the spec sheet, shouldn't be a problem to add that.

Very cool. I look forward to replacing all of my faceplates. I've got two spools of "glow in the dark" just dying to be used for this!

Added the "Long Toggle Switch" for you. First time I've seen that plate cutout, let me know if it works for you. I followed the dimensions on the page you linked so I imagine it should be fine. Text labels are still in the works!

brilliant! Exactly what 3D printing is all about.
What you need, the way you need it...

This should be featured.

Holy cow! Awesome first OpenSCAD contribution!

Very cool. Feature request: text labels. :)

Hmm 3D printed (recessed) text or spots for slip in paper labels? Actually both of those are pretty good ideas :)

What about Braille ?.

Both would be great, but who needs paper when you live in The Future and can print a whole new plate if you ever want to change it? :) (though it might be tough to squeeze legible recessed text in such a small area, but worth a try!)

It was pretty easy to add - subtract the writing from the faceplate. Use write.scad and offset down from the edge. Want me to send you the code?

That would be great! Like... "Fire the LAZZOR"