Hell Skull

by Sculptor Sep 28, 2014
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2 failed prints. some weird shit happening near horns.

I also tried this model and had failed printed in the exact same areas. Model looks great, but not after hours into a print.

Comments deleted.

After all the comments I decided to check out the model and found 11 holes in it, the 2 biggest ones are in it's RH eye and RH horn, which kind of corresponds with the problems people have had printing it. Based on what I'm seeing I would guess the one by the eye would be the bigger problem, but the one on the horn corresponds with where the 2 pictures posted here showed the problem.

If I have time between now and Halloween I'll probably try to fix it (I'd do it right now but this computer is too slow to edit this well, it's too complicated) and possibly put it on a different base (something that will more easily mount on the hood of my truck or maybe clip onto my door knocker), but based on it's license (no derivatives) I don't think that I'll be allowed to post the fix.

This was my very first 3D print when I got my printer built! It's been over a year now, and I'm just amazed I managed to print this out of the gate! It's not exactly what I'd now suggest to anyone for a beginner print, haha. It's still a killer model though!

what modeling software do you use?

I was able to print it no issues!

It doesn't print. There is a defect on the interior by the horns that causes the print to fail.


The little oval shapes in the infill causes the nozzle to catch. The first time it happened, my belt was loose, so the X carriage skipped. Then I tighted it, and reprinted it, then when it snagged on the same exact spot, it kicked the skull off the printer.
I've got really good adhesion. Using HIPS, once was .2 mm and the other was .15 mm layer @ 15 and 15% infill

I printed this as a novice with a poorly calibrated printer and it worked fine.

Ashley was it in ABS, I noticed the same issue with it cracking around the top of the eyes on all 3 prints I made of it on my Taz4 in ABS. Since I am painting them anyway I just let them finish and filled the cracks back up with abs slurry.

great model but i am having some problems printing it. i amusing a replicator 2 at 0.01mm layer height 15% infill and 50mm print speed. the print fails every time when it gets to the top of the eyes is there anything that you suggest that change to get the model to print. any help would be wonderful.

This model have very weird things inside near horns begin

Yup. I've noticed it as well.
It still prints fine though :)

Mine is printing now.

I know exactly what your talking about on the horns. I heated up the end of a flat blade screw driver and smoothed it out after those passes at the beginning of the left horn. It was at about layer 444 to 460 that I had to work it with the heated screw driver. I did not want the nozzle catching it and popping the whole thing off the table. lol


Looks nice. Does anyone know the weight of this?

Thanks, it depends on your settings when you slice the model (prepare it for print). You could for instance make it completly solid but that would take forever to print(and weigh a lot). You can of course print it without any infill at all to make it really light weight but that depends on the model if it will works ok. This particular model I have printed without infill and it came out nicely :)

Might be a stupid question, but I am new to this.. How much would one of those cost? Like how much plastic was used.

its acculy the weight times 6 and thats how much it costs

It depends on how big you print it, the size of the model and how much infill(density) you use.

Wow, does that really print ENTIRELY without support? Those horns look like an insane overhang! I'll have to give this a try on the weekend. Looks a lot like a Lost Soul, from Doom.

Yes it does!
Give it a try :)

I printed it, and I'm amazed. I honestly didn't think my printer could do overhangs like that (or that the plastic would hold up on any printer!)

Is there a reason you printed with WoodFill filament?

Yes. With the WoodFill the layer visibility almost disappear. You lose some details but I still like the result more than with normal PLA. Plus, you can sand it easily since there is 30% wood in there. I also cover it with primer to bring out the details more.

Just in time for Hallowen :D

Amazing, what kind of printspeed did you guys use at 0.1mm layer height...

I normally print in 50 or 60 mm/s on my rep2 when printing in 0.1 layer height.

For my old car that rattles and clanks and squeals, I think this will make a great hood ornament.

How big does this skull print? Also, does anyone know the weight?

With 4 shells and 0% infill, my print weighs about 47 grams and is 3.75" tall and nearly 5" wide (at horns) printed @100% scale.

I will get you some specs later...just got home and I printed mine just the other day. Mine was 4 perimeter shells and 0% infill even although I'd suggest 5% infill minimum for a better quality print.

Nice work; like magic! It does indeed print perfectly without support on duplicator 4, using abs and cooling fan after the first few layers.

Thanks! Great to hear :)

Was so excited to see a new piece by you in my dashboard! Great work.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

Hello, great model and great print, what kind of primer do you use and how do you apply it? Thank you in advance


Thanks! I use a local brand in Sweden. In the US there is a brand called Bondi that is supposed to make a good primer. Try your local brand, look in a car workshop. It's a spray canister, so you just spray it and rotate it, I have a turntable that I place it on to get a nice even result. What's great about the primer is that you can sand it down afterwards. I then carefully scrape out the details with something sharp and pointy!