A gift box for valentine

by WayCool Feb 9, 2013
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I've used illustrator to design it and printed it out on my own.

where did you get the paper insert?

A very nice and very individualizable idea. Thank you for this box.

Edit: Sadly my Simplify3D found some errors in the STL ... not so well prepared files.

I don't know how to write the heart.Could help to teach write the name?

I've included the original sketchup file so that anyone may edit as required.... Cause not all 3d printers or filaments behaves the same way... What work for some may not work for others... As you can see, others have success printing it... You can download my sketch file and adjust the design as you require....

I'm having the same issues as AntoLed. Any way to fix it?

how do i write a name on to the heart

You can use sketchup and add text to the heart then issue a "outer shell" command to join them up....

I have a printing problem, the top is too narrow and it is hard to put it, it broke 2 times.

The hook does not fit into its base, is too large.

With Simplify3d 3.0 file box does not print well, you have to correct it with netfabb.

I hope you can improve these little problems.

Spectacular design, congratulations.

how do i write a name on to the heart

Any chance you can have two seperate files for the actual bow and the ribbon? I am continuously having trouble printing them both at the same time

Sure... I've uploaded the ribbon and bow as separate files now... Better hurry.... Valentine is almost here :)

Thanks so much! Have a great Valentines Day! <3

how have you printed the bow? Mine keeps falling apart

Yes, I have.... many times. You'll need to use supports for the "ribbon.stl" file...

In this case, a Makerbot replicator is a 3D printer... They are the same thing just from different companies...

See this link for intro to 3D printing....


I don't use a replicator so I can't advise much but I do know that once I put my 3d printer in a box to block out drafts, I immediately see much better results against warping and such....

Ok, I'm new to all this. I am extremely interested in the technology of all of it, but like an infant coming into the world, I don't know much of anything.

Could someone tell me the difference between a replicator and 3d printer? I thought they were one in the same. :-O

I tried to print the box, but it shrinks and distorts while cooling. I made the GCode with RepG, and printed it with Replicator 1 (120° HBP and 230° for the extruder), cleaning the Kapton with rubbing alcool before.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance

No prob... Done it in sketchup. I've uploaded the source file "vbox.skp"... Edit away!

Very nice! How did you model it? Do you mind sharing the 'source' files, so that we can add names?

Yes, but it's quite minimal....

need support for the bow?