9 Volt Racer

by mraiser Nov 19, 2010
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Hey there mraiser!

That's really cool. What did you use to create the model? I'd like to change the battery holder and wheels and just tinker!


This was one of my earliest designs and I created all of the components for it in Blender. I mostly use OpenSCAD these days. The wheels and battery holder from my truckbot design (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10349)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... would probably work with minor modifications and the OpenSCAD files for them are available on that page as well.

by mraiser

I see this only now. Thanks for sharing!!!

Cool design. I am actually working in something similar. My idea is to build a small robot and to keep as many mechanical parts to be printable as possible. I've been working on this for a few days but I am having trouble printing the gears to have a good transform ratio from the motor to the wheels.

What kind of ratio do you want? Have you explored alternate gearings than your typical spur / roman gears?

Planetary gear boxes can give you pretty good ratios in a flat form factor. Worm gears give you a huge ratio and are non-reversible besides (the thread on the worm gear can turn the spur gear easily, but the angle of the thread is such that the spur gear exerts very little rotational force)

you could always try a harmonic drive. It requires a flexible material for the part of the gear named the "flex spine" - I don't think even thin gauge ABS will do it, but there's really no way of knowing until someone tries it...

look up "gear" on wikipedia, it has lots of information about gear d
esign and theory as well as examples of lots of different types...

Hey, thanks for the advice, actually I want to try to build a planetary gearbox. By trouble I meant that I am still trying to get my printer to properly print the gears. This is a picture of my first two attempts: http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/5673/pict4028.jpghttp://img228.imageshack.us/im... here I was trying to get a 1 to 3 ratio by using different number of teeth.. also as you can see I wanted to use have a printer encoder wheel : D

I think it's best to make sure the teeth are equally spaced on different sized wheels so that the respective number of teeth has only to do with the size of the wheels used. So a smaller wheel will naturally have fewer teeth.

If you reduce the tooth density your gears won't match up properly and your gears will skip teeth or worse, get jammed on one another.

the motor mount should be openscadded

Super awesome design! Zach and I were looking at this and he said, "This thing is what I imagined people would someday use Thingiverse for." Nice work.

Just needs a little idler bracket so you can split an axle, use two motor mounts and two gears to have a skid steer platform.

Of course, that requires the addition of some form of remote control and/or navigation-smarts bolted to the top as well! :-)

Simple micro switches on feelers could give you rudimentary intelligence. or the guts from a hexbug. :)