Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Star Lord's Boot Jets from Guardians of the Galaxy

by captchemo Sep 30, 2014
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Did everybody print these at %100 scale? Mine is printing right now, and it seems a little big. Maybe it'll all come together in the end, but I am curious.

100% should work. It does seem a bit large at first. Good luck!

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I am a complete newbie trying to research as much as possible before purchasing my 1st printer.
As a total project,how long did it take you to print all these parts,and how much filament did they use?
thanks in advance

Is there a particular reason you chose to use ABS instead of PLA? Or do you think it would be ok to print with PLA? (I only have access to a PLA 3D printer)

There shouldn't be any difference between an ABS and PLA print. I just did it in ABS, as it i what I use on my home printer. I've finally got it dialed in for ABS and I find it "tougher" than PLA. That said, you might want to print it with extra shells or maybe a bit more fill to strengthen the screw joints and use an appropriate glue to assemble the pieces. Should print nicely in PLA...

What's the recommended infill on this?

The parts are designed to not really require much infill. I used 5%, but printed with 3 shells. I think you could go up to 20% if you think it's needed, but in my opinion, thicker (more) shells would help more strength wise. I always try and use the minimum amount of fill to help reduce print times, so I may be a bit liberal there.... Hope it turns out well for you, post a pict when you get it done!

Awesome! Anyone out there able to print one for me?

this is going to be the most awesome dont-get-your-trousers-in-the-bike-chain-thing ever. ever. ever.

My son is going to be Starlord this year and I was in the process of building some of these out or PVC pipe and other materials I have been scavanging together because I could not find a model out there and have no time to draw something like this up. You are a lifesaver!

nice work... thanks... this is going to b awesome...

looks great
thanks for sharing