Vincy Compound Bow Mark 2

by below_cho Oct 1, 2014
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Hi Vincy. I have printed your Mark 2 bow and it seems there is a piece or pieces missing. The print to where the arrow sights and the arrow mount goes. I looked at your video and it looks like a rather large pice to print. Please can I have the file to print it. Sturling job for desiginig the project.

I think the missing part is "Arrow_Rest". Uploaded yet~~ Thank you for your message. Enjoy~~
However, try Mark III. Mark III is more powerful and easy to build.

Thank you for the return comment. will look for the Arrow rest.


多謝你的關注。 一一講解可能有些難度,你可試試逐一打印,再拼合看看有那些需要印兩個或多個。通常關於弓臂的,都需要印兩組。

powerful or not, the skill here is outstanding. carbon fiber limb, a couple of tweaks to the carriage/pulley system parts and this could be amazing.

Have you measured the arrow speed with a chronograph? I was really shocked at first to see the arrows seemingly come out of the bow fast and bounce off the target. I was thinking my PSE Bowmadness would go straight through the targets and about 6 inches into the wall but now I see you mentioned here there are no points on the arrows. I still think my bow would split arrows shooting the same way which is why I would love to see some chronograph data. Many bow shops have the capability to take this measurement for you at their indoor ranges.

Your design is still a very impressive engineering feat to 3d print such an accurate compound bow for sure, I just am not convinved I would take it hunting deer. However as engineers and innovators we need to start somewhere in order to improve. Anyways awesome job on the design and build.

Is there a way to make it left handed?

try mark III..

It looks like it doesn't have alot of power..

The draw force is about 6 kg. This arrow doesn't have arrow head, so it seems hard to penetrate the cardboard. You can power up by adding extra fibraglass.