Centrifugal puzzel box

by richards Oct 9, 2014
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The print out of this has a couple mistakes. The pieces that hold the quarters have 2 extra triangles that impedes them from moving. And there are no triangles to hold the sliding penny parts.

I agree with Mechmom, on the slide there are triangles (pointed corners) that hit the lid preventing it from "sliding". It looks like the walls on the lid that are next to the pennies (the ones being held together by the elastic band) extend to the edge of the lid. This prevents the slide from moving as it should. I sent a pic to your twitter so you can get a better understanding of what im talking about.

Hi, I have made a number of these with no problems. The triangles on the slide are designed to allow the penny parts to move enough to unlock but when the lid is spun outside the box the penny's can't exit the lid. The photo is of an earlier design. As to the other triangles you refer to you need to explain a bit more.

Where can I find the assembly instructions for this Thing?

instructions are under the thing details tab

Comments deleted.

Pic #008 shows triangle corners on the slide, where the penny locks slide, doesnt print.
The slides themselves pic #006 doesnt show triangles, but does print.
Rotated the knob_stl 180deg for a better print.
I cut only 1 side of triangles off each slide in order for slides to move inward.
Used a 1/8" wide rubber band. Knotting one end prevents coins from laying flat. Cut off knot and superglued band in holes.
Contact cement to glue in all coins.
Screws for lock lid.
I mistakenly glued the rubber band flat w/ both coin locks facing up.
Had to wind rubber band (3) 1/2 turns from relaxed, it would have been 2.
Spinning it rather hard on knob opens up.
My locks are abit tight.

Overall, good design. Well triangulated mesh.
ABS-Davinci 1.0 modded-Slic3r-0.2mm-30% infill

"Finally glue or screw the lid_base in place and test the final puzzle box."

There is no lid_base file.

Hi,Sorry, that should be read lid_floor not lid_base.

This is great. I have printed all the lid parts and am currently printing the rest of the box.
I came across the same problem as MozzaRozza. There are triangular pieces shown in the picture of the lid which hold in the locks but are not present in the STL file. Conversely there are triangular pieces in the slider STL, not shown in the picture and which shouldn't be there. Soon resolved with a Stanley knife though.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Is it me ??? Am part way through print....there are "spikey" bits on the printed slides that are not visible in the picture of the finished (white) ones, and these seem to stop the mechanism from working !!!!

Or am I having a dumb moment (again)

Otherwise.....brilliant concept...................

Hi, Can you send/post a picture?

Can do....but how ??.....copy and paste doesn't work, and there is no "attachment" button....
(Sorry, am not very familiar with this site)

Hi, I have just linked my twitter account to my thingiverse page if that helps.

Not too good really....don't do Twitter stuff....BUT you can see the problem in the pictures !!!!
Picture No 8 is the blue .stl print, and you can see 4 projections (spikey bits), but on picture No 16 (The last one) of the actual white slide print,,,,there are none. Hope this helps.............

Ok, got it!
The spikey bits I added as a refinement and I did test them. They are there to stop the locking parts been able to escape the lid assembly. They should allow the locking pins to clear the slides by about 1mm. If tolerances are a bit tight then you can file them down or cut them off altogether.

Thank you ....I went a bit further and removed most of the spikes at the coin ends.....left the spikes at the other ends !!!
It is -------------------------------------------------------- very clever..............................works, and very devious....

Great, Please post a picture under 'I made one', (see top of item page), I look forward to seeing it.


and you made it open source!

thank you!

This is a fantastic thing and we can all bring our own creative energy to the idea and expand it in any direction.

This is what's beautiful about open source. If you agree, give this thing a like and like a few other open source things to encourage creators like Richards here that are coming up with incredible things.

Will a US 1 cent penny work as well?

Hi, You can use a 1 cent in place of the 1p coins in the locks and a Quarter in the slides. They are slightly smaller than the UK coins but with a bit of super glue they should work fine.