Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Rear Turbo cooling fan WANHAO

by Thumber, published

Rear Turbo cooling fan WANHAO by Thumber Oct 2, 2014


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Any EMI interference can be resolved by putting a single folded sheet of aluminum foil flush with the motors behind the plastic. and another flush with the rear of the fan in front of the plastic. which makers 2 layers before the fan
let me know if you like this thanks!
This is the first of its kind....
a rear facing turbo style fan used on a Wanhao duplicator 4
No other fan design is like this. and gives complete access to see on the front while blowing lots of air from
it uses no screws, it clips in. its a tight fit.
it might be easier to unscrew the extruder assembly from underneath, remove it out the way then clip it on and put the 2 screws back in... but i did it without.
i printed it on its side with support using simplify 3d. you will have to mess around with supports. but you will get there.
i used a fan like this one from ebay.
Flashforge prototype version included, thanks for luke to new dimensions

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you could argue that only one side receives cooling. but it works, iv made some very impressive bridging over and over. I designed it so there could a complete view from the front so you can observe the print as it was being made, making one that cools 360 defeats my design idea.

your welcome to make one that circles all the way round. there is a step file included if you would like to try. i honestley dont see the point in spending time on somthing that already works. your more than welcome to use my files and have a go yourself. share it with everyone on here and see if others can see a improvment. thanks.

Hey, thanks for uploading a step file. It's a huge help.

Perhaps the original design (which I like very much by the way! Not having a view of the print in progress is indeed annoying) doesn't work on my end because I've removed the printer door. I imagine the air "bounces back" when the door is attached, thus cooling both sides?

Regardless I'm gonna try making a circular design. Thanks

This is by far the best solution for my D4S I've tried to far. So thanks a lot for that. The only problem I have with it is that it only cools one side of the print. Would it be possible to make a version that encircles the nozzles a bit? That would be amazing. I'd do it myself if I knew how to.

Regardless, this is definitely the best design on here.

Thanks for the great work! I've been trying to expand my FF fan to both extruders and I love the rear mounted fan idea that lets me see the extruders. I have a new Flashforge and I am having some of the same issues as TartanCapt. I wanted to try my hand at editing the file in 123D Design, but that software won't turn the object into a "solid" for editing. Do you think a STEP format file would edit better in 123D? Or is there another file that is easier to edit?
Thanks again for the great work!

i have included the step file for you mate.

I like your design. I printed the version for my new FlashForge Creator Pro, however i found the tabs to be too close to snap in. So i used a dremel to grind some away and got it to fit. Then attached the fan to give it a try only to find that the fan sits about 2mm too high to clear the top of the printers case. Any chance I can get a file that I can easily modify to make it right?

i searched for it, but i dont know the original file name. i tried all the names i would usually use. you might be able to import the stl into solidworks with bodies and try that. otherwise i cant help at this time mate. sorry.

did you use the modified flashforge file included? sorry to ask. but your the only one who has said it dont fit.

Yes, I did use the Flashforge version. My printer is new, only had it a week, so I suspect the design may have changed a little. It already comes with a cooling fan attached to the side, and that's the fan I"m using. Perhaps that one is just a bit bigger. Anyway, with some work with Meshmixer and a dremel, I have one that works, I'd just like to have one that looks a little better.

I was planning on doing something similar, and was looking at that exact same fan on eBay yesterday. I like the way you've mounted the fan on the rear of the head assembly; there's not a lot of room in any direction on the Duplicator 4 but it fits in there nicely. You've saved me the trouble of designing my own - Ta!
I'll most likely wire the fan it using a diode 'or' arrangement from the stepper fan outputs so this fan comes on whenever either of the stepper fans is active, with a manual switch in the line in case I want to disable it.
Fan on order - Will post pics once done.

Fan received and fan assembly printed. However, I did have problem when I was printing the duct in that one of my extruders was slightly fouling the support and distorting it. Most likely a head alignment issue but anyway I've modified the original design to print in two parts with less support. This still clips in just as well. I'll post it as a derivative in due course.

On to the interference issue . . . My fan was slowing down drastically when I brought it close to the back of the steppers which is strange as they weren't energised at the time. To prove it wasn't EMI I disconnected them totally and the motor still slowed. Putting a sheet of ali foil in there didn't help at all. (Those people who say it worked for them - can you confirm that you are getting no slowdown at all when you move the fan from an inch away towards the motors?)
I think the slowdown is due to eddy current drag between the fan windings and the stepper windings or laminated body. To prove this I put a modified Heinz {other brands are available} baked bean tin lid between the two. This is steel and should reduce magnetic coupling between the fan and the stepper. I found it reduced the slowing effect, but didn't eliminate it. The investigation continues . . .

My eventual aim is to have the cooling fan energised whenever either of the extruder stepper fans is running, with a three position switch to give full speed, half speed or off. The electronics to do this is simple (one switch, one resistor, two diodes) and I'll post the final result as an Instructable linked from here when I've got it all working.

Can you post up an IGES or Step file so that I can adapt to my machine and fan.

The aluminum foil works awesome and eliminated all EMI for me. The fan now runs at full speed. Thanks.

Love the design, but do you have the cad file for me to try and mod it? just want to make a better fit for flashforge and try mod how the air flow works

luke send me your email. i need to send you a jpeg so you can put your dimensions on it for my to modify. my "front" and your "front" might not be the same, is it inside edge or outside edge or center of the notches? do you see what i mean? i need a plan. so.. all you have to do is edit the drawing in Photoshop and ill make the adjustments. cheers.

Hi, thanks for the design, I printed it and at first was like oh the supports were clogging everything up. So after 1 failed print and 1 successful print, I cleaned it out and it turned out perfect. I got the fans you suggested and they fit perfect. This seems like a great design. I have not used it yet due to the fact that I don't know how to wire this into my Wanhao duplicator 4s. I just got it less then a month ago. Any help would be much appreciated!

no problem. people have said that the fan stops working because of the EM from the motor close by but I have not noticed it affecting the quality of my 5m test cubes. and overall it works quite well. it could do with some mesh behind it. like a Faraday cage to stop the motor from effecting it.

anyway. to get your fan working takes some money and skill if you want it working through software. or you could just wire it up on a manual switch. I did it the hard way and it paid off.


thats the group i got the ideas from. jet guy is brilliant and never fails to answer the problems you have. but please read and research before asking him. I had to source parts from different places because im in England but otherwise it worked ok.

I just took a old USB cable for my phone that didn't work, the plug that went into my phone was messed up, I cut the end off, and stripped the ends of the positive and negative wires and cut the ends of cable on the fan off and wired it up. I just plug it into a USB port on my computer to get power. Works well, maybe I'll wire up a switch and solder it up.

Love the design, printed perfect using Simplify3D.
However unfortunately when the fan is put on my printer is slows down when it gets close to the extruder stepper motor. I think the stepper motor is interfering with the operation of the fan, probably due to the magnets affecting it.


I didn't have any issues with the fan not working. I don't thing the stepper motor is the issue, it might be a wiring issue.

No not a wiring issue. This has been observed on a few others as well. For now I printed another duct that mounts to the front using the same fan and wiring. It's working fine.

I ordered 2 fans, I'd like to use one for the front, what design did you use if you don't mind me asking, I'd like to wire up a front fan also.

I couldn't find one on thingiverse but this one works well and is also easily removable.

i think a fine mesh, slipped behind will do it. if you look at EM shielding on google images. all it is, is a conductive mesh. perhaps a sliver of mesh behind will do the trick. when i get some ill find out.

bob i did notice that the fan would slow down now and then. overall it seems to work ok otherwise. im not sure how to shield it from the EM maybe tin foil? who knows. ill have a look later.

you could just use a tiny plate of metal and mold inside it a tin for electronic welding, it's, that tin is made of 60% tin (Sn) and 40% lead (Pb), that is surely the best anti EM shield you could use, and the molding temperature is really high...what I suggest anyway, use mask and made it in a ventilated area...

If I can figure out how to shield it I'll try again for sure. I like this design better than any other I've seen, and I tried a lot. Maybe if you get time you can make the back a little thicker so the fan isn't quite as close to the stepper motor. Thanks.

Cool design. Ordered the fan you linked to and will be adding this to the printer in the coming weeks. Thanks.

love how it attaches, if only I could combine this with something like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:225126

Cooling Duct that works!
by doctek