iPhone 6 Dock with Lightning Connector

by Daelmanu Oct 2, 2014
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Printed it now. looks good but why did i have a pattern? LOL

i uploaded a picture: https://picload.org/view/rwgdgopr/unbeannt.jpg.html

Hi, these are artefacts from infill. Increase the number of Perimeters!

Kind regards

Nope. Will not work with case, but it was fun to try! Works very well without case.

I use a gel type case. At 102% increase in size its still too small with the case on. 102% is perfect with the case off by the way. I really like this contribution by Daelman. Going to try 105% and see what happens.

Printed just now. Cable hole just simple too small. Printing again @ 102%

Currently printing this, the cable channel at the bottom could benefit from being 'gothic arched' to make it easier to bridge, though being ont he bottom won't be seen, just gives the printer an easier time.

printing it right now concerned that the cable wont fit in the base

Works with iphone 5 ou SE ? Or should I take thisone : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:177257 ?

Many thanks in advance.

Cased iPhone 5S dock
by jazman

Wouw this dock looks amazing! I have a question before i start printing it!
I have a thin soft rubber case around my iphone 6. Which adds around 0.6mm thickness to the back, left right and bottom side.
Could you tell me which model would be the best fit? of would i need an adjustment?

Print came out nicely but I was not able to fit in the cable!
I have used standard settings for the model as well as the DeeGreen printer.

I also agree with previous comments that the back side should be taller.
Phone fits nicely but when you touch the screen, you get the feeling that it will fall back.

How big is the gutter where the phone stands?

Could you make a version for the 6 plus?

I already made a model for my friend with some sort of a case. I have no clue if it fits the standard 6 plus, but I can give you the STL for a beta test. PM me please and send me you Email Adress

A beautiful dock!
For some reason part of the top layer inside the groove did not print fully sealed for me.
I find that the cable canal underneath needs to be a tiny bit deeper.
The lightning attachment fits perfectly, tightly and at just the right height!

I'm going to use this model as a starting point to design a cup holder dock for my Ford Focus ('13). I'll be sure to post it and credit you if all works well...

I made one a week ago, so thank you for redoing it to fit the apple case! I will be psyched to try it out again. I noticed that the width was fine, but the slot needed to be about 2mm thicker, while retaining the right alignment for the lightning connector, to fit the case. You might also consider raising the back of the cradle slot a little, to provide some more support -- and maybe reducing thickness around the touchID sensor for easier thumb access.

The cable routing channels are a great touch, and it's a really elegant design. Keep up the good work!

This Thing looks great! Does it fit also with the iPhone 6 in the Apple leather case? I do not want to pull out my phone everytime...

No unfortunately it doesn't fit with the leather case. If you find one that does please tell me!

I tried to build one with 105%, but while the width would fit, the depth does not. Very pity.

I will try to make a design that fits the iPhone with leather case next week! Since I don´t own one, you guys will have to beta test it!

printed perfectly. I think the corners in the cord channel could be a bit rounder to put less strain on the cable. I'd also like to see one with space for a case.

Yes, I will fix that later. But normally you never put your cable in and out... I have no case here for measuring/testing - sorry.

Excellent model, dock came out perfectly; printed in PLA with no raft or supports required.

Thank´s! I would like to see a picture of the finished dock - I would like to see a different color than white ;-)

Kind regards, Manu