Lubricator for Ultimaker

by JPH Feb 9, 2013
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Great !
Can you post the 2 parts in 2 different files please ?

Here you go.

I did print it on its side because of the curve in the bowden tube side.
but you will see that.

doesnt the oil change the structure of the Plastic used.. by making the plastics softer or more brittle?
where does the oil go? if it evaporates in the hotend we should worry about fumes.
can we do that with PLA and ABS?
because i found that PLA is oil repellent when triing to coat it...

removing the curve in the bowdentube helps to get rid of some friction... you could hang the extruder above the printer.

It is not really the frixion but it's hard to explain.
the extruder feeds so fast that the filament bends inside the tube.
it's not a lot but at these speeds it works just a little bit different I think.

Ok I did a test to see where the oil goes.
I did that bij adding too much oil. (spayed 3 times)
And it did NOT evaporate, it sticks on the object.
Looks more shine and it brings the color up, actually pretty nice. :D
Also tried to wash it off but that didn't do it.

The object didn't get softer ore brittle it stays just the same.
(Really I can't believe it, it can't go better than this.)

I Have never testet ABS before so I don't know what it does to that.

So, Keramiek coat still seems to work good in all ways.
The text on the can says it works for metal and plastic.

What i need to tell you (and i will put it in the description) is that you can't make small objects at these speeds.
because the Ultimaker can't cool it that fast.

hey - at what layer height do you get your respectable 225mm/s ? There is discussion on your idea here https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ultimaker/rKJqm3ziu0w/KG1rBZSrhEUJhttps://groups.google.com/d/ms...

The layer height I used whas 0.2. but I tried 0.3 but that went catastrophic :D
Also used the normal 0.4 nozzle.

And what they say about the frixion might be right.
It's more about the bending of the plastic inside the tube that might cause it to jam.
the extruder feeds the plastic so fast inside the tube that the plastic can't get away

I've also tried something like that, and yes there is a big difference.

I think that the tube is a design flaw made ​​by the Ultimeker team.

I completely agree. I've been using my original (non plus) ultimaker for years and 90% of my problems have been bowden related and the other 10% due to the short belts. Direct drive of the X and Y axis and removal of the bowden tube are my two next upgrades. I've done the dual extruders, heated bed, and the really old upgrade of the knurled bolt and tensioned bearing extruder. A quick swap nozzle system seems like a good idea too. Far easier to clear blockages when you don't have to disassemble the whole hot end. God that's a pain.

you remove the Bowden tube but what do you do then? change of header? you have any examples? Thank you