Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Modular VW bus container

by calebkraft Feb 10, 2013
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Maybe have the wheels seperate. I couldn't get supports to work for the wheels on the taller box.

Seperate wheels that could either be glued on or maybe even ones that actually spin would be great!

What about the original bus we can see in one of your pictures? Sad to see a lovely vehicle like this in that kind of condition ...

Pay attention the body part and the base aren't manifold... I recommend to correct these models by using that website: https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/

It's gonna fix the mistaken ;)

By the way: thanks for your wonderful work :)

There seem to be holes in the mesh. I see these on the upper side of the tires (bottom peace). If or when you fix them, the whole bottom peace should be longer, to fit the recess in the top. Why waste the space?

Love the design. Good work.

I opted to print a separate wheel and attached it.

Supports really tricky you get out.

did you use support material? If yes how did you get it out?

This is really awesome. But could you maybe make the wheels solid? That would print much better. Currently the wheels are mess when printing on an ultimaker.

Does this version still fit the pinewood derby wheels?

Wonderful! Are you going to do one for the 'pop up' camper top version too?

Awesome dude. it is a bit tricky to print the wheel archches as they seem to have some weird shapes when printing.
Still pretty sweet

How come the wheels are cut off?

Oh, I see..for the lowrider version

Both versions have a tiny bit cut off. The real tires would be up inside the wheel well a little bit. The 3d model doesnt have a wheel well though (unnecessary), so it just sits on the wheels.

Just updated the lowrider portion. The box section was too tall before.