One-Piece Rubber Band Gun

by thoromyr Oct 3, 2014
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Took a minute and a half to figure out how to put it together. Those commenting about that should work on problem solving skills. Great design! Lot's of fun and works great!

Do you need support in order to print this?

its the best downside for me it took it 3 days to print everything :( other than that its great

For those who had a question on how it needs to be assembled.

Can you make it have a burst feature or auto ?

Can you add a magazine that holds rubber bands ?

You seriously need to add a 'how to put together' guide.. Why upload a design without instructions?!


How much did you pay for the design again? Asking for a friend...

Make sure that you print this in BRIGHT COLORS....so no one mistakes it for a real gun.

Can't seem to get the orientation of the sear right. I almost want to say something is too short. Even if I get the pieces to hook up, I'm imagining the sear pulling the trigger down and pushing it all the way forward inside the trigger guard.

Very confused, terrible directions. There should be a video for assembly.

yes exactly this model is so complicated

It took like 8 hours to print, and then it doesn't even work. There is so much friction in the parts that I have to force it, also the rubber bands just pop off, they fall off by the time the wheel is in the fire position

Really like it. Maybe you should make it a bit more "Glocky?" shorter, thicker, slightly more detail?

I printed this thing and I tried a couple different rubber bands, when you put more than 2-3 bands on the gun the bands get stuck in the mechanism and then it doesn't advance, with 2 or 3 bands its pretty reliable this seems to be a common problem with other designs on here as well. This design is the best looking I was able to print it on a Flashforge dreamer across corners. The mechanism design could use some improvement ..

does it need supports

Does anyone have any pictures on how to put it together? I'm confused.

when putting it all together it wont work. The trigger doesn't return

There's no spring in the mechanism to make it return. The tension to do that is provided by the rubber bands. Load several and it will advance for each shot. Until the last, because at that point there is no tension.

it looks awesome but it dosen't fit in the lulzbot mini :(

FYI The pins are missing in the fixed version.


Ineed to print only gun_print_fixed2.stl part? or all part that the page show?

i want to print it with M3D and i scale the part.
so i need to know if i need to scale all the part.


its been a while since I've looked at this, but the gun_print_fixed2.stl should have all parts so printing that at whatever scale should work.

Thanks!! Any image how to Connect all parts?

I try to Figure out by myself, thank you very much :)

I am confused on the direction of the sear. Also is the lock needed for it to work - or is that just a safety feature?

Mechanically, to work it needs all of the parts (though of course you might substitute for the pins). I don't have pieces in front of me, but some part flipping should quickly make clear how it needs to go together.

most repraps have a build surface of 200*200mm. its too big. or atleast it must be cut.

Try printing it on an angle.

...and for printers that it is not to big, this works just fine. But, seriously, this is a remix of one that is cut. Use that one.

It looks like thingiverse isn't showing it as a remix for whatever reason, but I give the name of the original in the "Thing Info"

Question what is the elastic size number recommended?

Hi, just wondering how long this takes to print? Thank you.

That depends on the settings and your printer. I don't remember just how long it took on my replicator 2, but the frame is what takes the time. It is only a ball park, but Makerware estimates about four hours at 0.3mm layer height (2 shells, 10% fill).