Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1.75mm Filament Feeder for Dry Box

by hondaman5150 Oct 4, 2014
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Pardon my ignorance but I'm assuming a PTFE tube is meant to be inserted in the cap? For me it's too big as my tube is around 4mm and the hole in the cap is 6mm. Also, the smaller hole for 1.75mm filament seems quite large as well - around 3.75mm. I'm pretty sure I have it scaled correctly. I've tried the the combined and individual STLs. The outer dimension of the cap is 20mm right (see attachment)? Perhaps this is designed for 3mm filament?

Any plans to make a solid cap ?

Perfect! Just what I needed for my dry box. Saved me hours. Thank you.

Hi, I have a doubt: how does this conector avoid the humidity to enter into the box? The box may be air tight but the conector lets air to enter into the box or Im missing something?

If you put in a sponge in the cap, it will act as a wiper and restricts air movement. It can't be 100% airtight.

Is it just my Cura or does the cap import extremely large?

Cura auto-scaled 10000x for me and I had to change the number back to 2540. Oddly, the STL with all three parts in it imported just fine as mm with no tweaking required.

Not sure if it is your Cura but I know that I made this in inches. Maybe Cura is automatically scaling it up or something. Try checking your scaling options in Cura and see what it says. Maybe someone who uses Cura can chime in here as I don't use Cura. Hope you can get some answers and post up in here so others can hear your solution to this as others may use Cura and are having the same problem.


Hi. When I load the individual parts into Slic3r, they're extremely small, less than 1mm in all dimensions. I haven't tried the combined file. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? How would I scale them to the size they need to be? Thanks.

Sorry it took so long to reply. The STL was created in inches (I know I should do it in MM) as this was an early model. To correct it, you need to scale the object up by a factor of 25.4 and that will work. I tend to use the MakerBot software to export my files to print and it prompts me so I didn't think about other slicing programs. Sorry about the confusion.


Hey! This is great and worked perfectly for my needs. Thank you for uploading the individual pieces.

No problem. Glad it worked for what you needed. :)

For me it worked better printing the three parts isolated part by part.
Perhaps you can directly offer three single .STL files here for users having the same trouble.
But thanks for this part!

No problem on this. I needed this for myself so I figured someone would like one for themselves. I'll post up the separate STL's later on today. Thanks for letting me know.


*Edit: Sorry it took so long. I misplaced the original file. Found it and split it up into 3 parts. Enjoy!