Anti-Jam Guide for Printrbot Alum Extruder

by TacosForJesus Oct 5, 2014
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Dude this thing has saved my prints! Thank you.

Had to shave it down a bit with my dremmel, but seems to be working perfectly.

Does this help with flexible filament?

I think they built this mod in.

Does this work with the Printrbot Play?

Why this simple piece is not standard on all printrbots is beyond me. Easily one of the most important mods one can do for their printrbot. If you have not had filament pops on a 16 hour print... Don't worry... You will.

This part fixed my Printrbot Simple Metal for seven months, until constant contact from the filament wore it down. Time to print another!

This is super awesome. My printer was acting up with filament popping out of the hob. This fixes it nicely with minimal installation effort. I think this is a must have for all Printrbot Simple Metal.

Very nice. Makes it a little harder to get the filament into the hot end, but I haven't had a single "air print" since adding this part. I also appreciate that it's just exactly enough to get the job done. Thanks!

I had my filament coming off track as soon as I built a holder for the spool. This is a great fix though I had to sand down a little the edge between the bottom of the rectangle and the screw hole so that the nut holding the extruder teeth did not hit up against it. If there was anything else to add, maybe a concave dip on trhe side facing / touching the filament.

Thanks again for sharing your design.

Thanks for the fix Brother. Feel free to grab the mirrored file and post here if you like to get people a one stop shop ;)

For some reason my filament would misalign and essentially "Come off track". I remedied the issue by tightening the screw to bring the bearing closer to the drive gear. I didn't want too much pressure on the drive gear so this was a perfect part to fix that. Thanks

Thank You! A much-needed part!

Mine was pushing out because the hobbed drive gear was not aligned perfectly up with the filament path. Unfortunately, they loc-tited it in with red loc-tite so I couldn't remove it. (However, they were nice enough to send me a replacement motor!)