RepRap Discount Smart Controller to Melzi Adaptor PCB

by SparkieDave10 Oct 5, 2014
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Hi All,
Has anyone got this working with the character based (i.e. not full graphic) discount smart controller?
Any help would be most welcome.


Hi! Thank you. I am trying to use your files like a month now. I could finally compile the code and finish the pcb. But my LCD is not a full graphic, is the discount smart controller. Would this work too? As I tried it wont. But surely I am making some mistake..

Thanks, Dave, for the adapter and the help in getting it running. Most useful was this link: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues/2482
I am still having issues with the SD card reader not recognizing the SD card, but I will deal with that separately.

Is this adapter board or design still available? Please advise cost and delivery to US. Thanks.

Would this adaptor work in reverse? i.e. If I attached the adaptor to a RAMPS board could I then use a Melzi LCD?

Why not buy a full graphic controller to connect to the ramps as show in the pictures?

Does it fit the Wanhao front panel? If It does I will definitely get one. I saw that the LCDs were the same (lcd 12864) but I was not sure the click wheels were in exactly the same place.

I've no idea if it would fit but for the ten quid plus postage surly it's worth a punt.

lol It is indeed. I will PM you.

Are these still for sale? Anyone try one on a Tronxy X1 yet?

I don't live in the UK, and my machine doesn't have the room for this adapter (wanhao duplicator i3). I broke my original screen though, so I hope to use this. I went ahead and installed eagle. In case someone else wants the schematic, here is a screenshot from eagle. It's not the clearest way to represent this info, but I think it will work.

Well, it turns out, that pinout wasn't correct for my printer. I'm not sure if it was a difference in the configuration, or what, but I do know that wanhao messed with the pinouts on the melzi board, so it might just be that. Anyway, that schematic is what you published, and I bet it works for original melzi's. If you have a wanhao duplicator i3, then it might not, and you might want to check out my remix.

Thanks for your work. I probably wouldn't have tried it if you hadn't made this thing, and I have it fully functional now.

If anyone doesn't live in the UK, and you don't want to order custom PCBs, you can just use some jumper cables, which will do the same thing. Won't look as nice and organized as the PCB, but it'll do the job.

I did upload your attachment via adruno w/o any error
But my LCD still blue and not show anything

Please read the description and other comments for further information.

Has anyone posted an actual board or pin layout?

I'm glad you're happy with my PCB design and is working fine.

I bought one of these and it worked exactly as stated - I simply connected it up and uncommented the appropriate line in the Marlin configuration.h file and it worked fine. The PCB doesn't fit inside my case however (I don't have clearance in front of the motherboard to plug it in) so at the moment I'm running patch cables but I'll look for a more elegant solution in time.

PCB is available direct from me.
Send email for details

Hello. Now I see the ZIP archive with old Marlin implementation, but nothing about PCB. Can I get a bottom photo, or the simple pin map of connecting EXP1, EXP2 pins to signed pins of Melzi. Or is there some MK to handle connectors of EXPs that are not used? Or there is just no beeper, SD detection, and SD CS is always activated? Feeling myself blind, but I do not see info about PCB.

hi, how to open this file?
.ps is a photo and .b4 unknown for me
thank you

Now A fully working RepRap Discount Smart Controller for your Melzi printer.
Now Available as a professional PCB fully assembled and tested.
Only PCB and on board connectors included.
E-mail or message me for details.
All functions work including the SD card.
If you have a Melzi board on your printer you might want to try this PCB.
It uses a modified pins.h file in the Marlin software to enable the interface to work.
Please feel free to comment on this and suggest updates.

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Yes please post your version as others can share and enjoy.
I would love to see your revised PCB.
What software are you using to produce the PCB ?

exactly what I looked for, thank you, I will make it very soon. I changed a little bit the routing and added a ground plane I will post my version if you are interested.

Hi theccm,
Are you still able to publish your redrawn pcb design?

Any chance you could post your updated version?

Oh yes sorry I completely forgot I will do it asap. I'm using Eagle.

Can send to my email please

is there any where I could buy one of these?

Sorry there not for production, but a kind word to Sneezy3D wouldn't go a miss.

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Hi Dave,
I've made one of your adapter boards and gone to modify my Marlin source files and hit a snag. The current Marlin development version pin.h file is vastly different to the file you posted here, I think it's now broken up into many pins_XX.h files.
Could you post the original unmodified pins.h source file you used to create yours, and I'll do a file compare to pinpoint your pin changes and see if I can integrate into my current development build. Ultimately your changes might go into the main branch as it's great enhancement to use the regular Reprap Discount Smart Graphics Displays.

24 hours later and I've found after reading some of the the Marlin code that the REPRAP DISCOUNT FULL GRAPHIC SMART CONTROLLER is already supported on Melzi boards with no modifications to the pin.h file.
All that's needed on the current version of Marlin is to uncomment the //#define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER line and recompile.

The next hurdle is that the compiled code size is now too BIG for the Melzi even with a Atmega1284P MCU.
I had to recomment some code to save space. I recommented out //#define SD_CHECK_AND_RETRY and that saved enough bytes to fit in the Atmega1284P. Hopefully that function can be lived without...

So the display is running now my Melzi :)

Glad you got the software side working. Any chance you can post for others to enjoy ?

Not sure which bit you mean, the board I made, or a link to the Marlin software ?
I have posted here to make more people aware of your work.

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As far as I now its just for the full graphic version

Does this work with the standard 20x4LCD controllers from Reprapdiscount/Geetech etc. or is it just for the full graphic version?