Star Wars Jedi Interceptor

by dSASQUATCH707 Oct 7, 2014
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Looks amazing!
Is it possible to have it in mm?
Would love to print this in Resin

Would you be willing to upload a copy in mm? The software for the Makerbot at the library doesn't like it at all. They scaled the model 3.5x to scale it for x-wing, and it looks great, but when you print it it's missing chunks out of the cannons, and when it's previewed it comes out w/ ragged gaps in the wings and guns. Thanks. I really appreciate it, and all the awesome work you've done on this and other models

awesome model, did you think to make a version with closed canopy and closed wings?

Very awesome! Looks amazing and detailed. Kinda like others said, it was hard to cut some supports out. Also you should design a stand for it since the wings are so thin, I can’t set it on them.

Actually I am currently working on a stand, or two, due to this reason. I will work on finishing it up and uploading it, and will keep you posted on when it is up.

Ok thanks! Can't wait!

Nice model - very detailed! The model loads very small. Scaled up by 40 to get a version about 6" long. The support in the open cockpit is very hard to remove (could not remove material around the seat; seat pealed right out), and the cockpit window frame was very thin & broke off almost immediately. Recommend printing the sold cabin.

Thank you very much!! I definitely had a lot of fun making it! When I first started working on it, I guess I wasn't thinking about having it printable, but once I realized how small the parts would be if it were to be printed I thought it would be ncie to have one with the cockpit enclosed.
Sorry it is so small, I originally imported the STL files in inches (since that is what I was working in) but learned that thingiverse doesn't like that. So I have since started uploading STL's in millimeters. If you would like, I can still put up a file in mm.

Thank you for trying to print this file too!!

Small isn't an issue since its easy to scale. I like the open cockpit but recommend simplifying it for printing purposes. For instance, extend the back of the seat to the back of cockpit (or move the whole seat backwards), and/or make the seatback thicker. The front cockpit windows look awesome but when I printed with support, I was so worried about breaking the thin pieces of the framing I left a thin piece of support in place.

Another idea may be to use the closed cockpit but enhance it so that the lines for the cockpit framing details are shown as well.

Thank you for all of the suggestions!! I will see what I can do and will upload a modified version of each and will let you know when I get to that point.

I would love to see that :-)

There are not many star wars modeled ships and this one is really nice!

How much thicker do you think I should make the glass to allow for good 3D printing?

And I really appreciate that you enjoy this model that I have created.
I can't wait to finish this one and start a new project!

Well I couldn´t tell because it depends on the printer and the scale you want to print it, but maybe this will help you to see the problem:


A "solid" cabin would be nice, or maybe an open one (without the glass I mean) but with the structure thicker. In any case, the problem is the thickness, as you can see :-)

PD: a solid one would be easier to print, the open one would be more beautiful.

PD2: This is the easier model to print I´ve found, in two parts, thick, and solid inside, if it serves you in any way:


Star Wars TIE Interceptor - sliced to print without support, and with stand

Making any of those changes wouldn't be too difficult, so I can always upload a few different ones depending on what people prefer.
Thank you for your input and help.

Really nice design, like it very much, but i can´t print it because of the cockpit. The glass is just too thin to print it :-(

Really nice work in any case ;-)

I am glad to hear that you like the design! Thank you for letting me know, I will have to go back and edit the thickness of the glass. I will let you know when I have uploaded the new edit.

Very cool!
I may give this a try, but I think the fine detail in the cockpit may be a bit too much for my printer to handle. Any chance of getting a version with a closed or simplified cockpit?

I have now uploaded the edit with the enclosed cockpit, it should be the file at the bottom.

Actually I have finished a version with the cockpit close to make a glass look in the rendering I made (as you can see in the main picture). So I will upload that for you tomorrow and hopefully it works out for you!