E3Dv6 Carriage Fan Duct for NopHead Mendel90 (dibond)

by DanielBull Oct 7, 2014
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Hi Dan. I REALLY need this to be between 3 and 5mm shorter to clear the clips holding my PrintinZ to the glass. Any chance of a (quick) mod?

I have the same issue, could be 5mm shorter

Unfortunately there's no quick way to mod it Tim, all the curves mean it takes ages to change. You would need to put the fan at a steeper angle which basically means recreating it from scratch.

Since this seems quite a popular request and I want to make a new version of the fan which is "quick release" so it can be easily removed (for example when working with ABS), I'm going take this into consideration and allow for more height adjustment :)

I was looking for this thing for a few days and I must say that this comment made me make an account and thank you :D

LOL, no problems. I've got it printed and I'm testing at the moment. Just a few more tweaks (the quick release catch was too thin and broke) then I'll post it.

OK its here, the new quick release version with more height adjustment!

Quick Release E3D Fan Duct for Dibond Mendel90

I used shorter bolts to stop it fouling with the belt. Also I used the standard nylock nuts on the bottom but regular nuts on the top again to allow more space for the belt.

Couldn't you just flip the bolts around and recess the heads of the screws?

Actually thats a really good idea, LOL. Yes there's no reason why you couldn't do that apart from cosmetics. I'll include your idea in the description.

Well, the slot spacing is correct, I just needed to remove a chunk from the top right corner in order to clear the belt tensioning system. The only other problem that needs to be corrected before it will work properly on the "sturdy" Mendel90 is the opening for the hotend needs to be moved 7mm towards the back of the machine in order for the hotend to be centered in the opening and not be too close to the back of it - apparently, the "sturdy" uses a slightly longer fan duct, due to the larger size of the LM10UU bearings.

Unfortunately thats quite a big job as it involves changing all the curves :(

I liked this thing, and thought in using it for my Quick Fit X carriadge (from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19590) (by RichRap). I want to use it with a hotend E3D all metal, v6., too
So I printed it.
Only after that I saw it is for 60mm fan. I wanted it for a 40 mm fan.
I think you must say "it is for 60 mm fan" in the very begining of this page. Just to avoid such an error as mine.

Anyway, I wish try a mod of your design to fit my configuration. ¿could you put a CAD file of your desing? .

Quick-Fit X carriage and Extruder - LM8UU
by RichRap

As stated in the description it is designed for the NopHead Mendel90, this is supplied with a 60mm fan so thats why the fan is 60mm. However as you requested I have updated the description and instructions to detail the size.

The CAD file is already available, it is the 123dx file in the files section. This an Autodesk 123D Design file. 123D is free and available here: http://www.123dapp.com/design

Is this intended to fit the "Dibond" or the "Sturdy" X-carriage? The mount holes in the "Sturdy" are spaced more closely together because it uses LM10UU bearings instead of LM8UU bearings, which are smaller.

This is for Dibond version of the NopHead Mendel90 X-carriage which is supplied in his kits and shown here:

Interesting, I wasn't aware there was a version with bigger bearings. I might have to look into that, although I've not had any issues with the one I have.

I don't suppose you could tweak this and post a version that would fit the "sturdy" X-carriage?

The 123D file is on here so anyone could remix it (123D Design is free) but yes I could have a go. Do you know the exact difference between the spacing? Is everything else the same, IE the extruder nozzle position etc?

I'm afraid I don't know enough about CAD programming to make my own alterations - I wouldn't know where to begin. As far as the other differences go, I don't know that either. All I know is the hole spacing is narrower (21mm between centers), because when I bought my printed parts kit the seller accidentally put a dibond fan bracket in the kit instead of one for the sturdy and the slots in the bracket didn't line up with the mounting bolts. He sent me the correct one and it fit perfectly. I wanted to use your fan duct because I am using a J-head type hot end that uses a heater cartridge instead of a resistor (similar to the E3D) and therefore the corners of the larger heater/nozzle block touch the sides of the duct opening and burn and melt it. I'm hoping this one has a large enough opening to accommodate my hot end. Distance from the back of the fan bracket (where it contacts the X-carriage) to the center of the duct opening is 40mm. The original duct opening is about 23mm across (though mine is a bit melted so it's hard to be accurate).

Its going to be difficult for me to do as obviously I have nothing to test with. If its a simple task of making the holes further apart I can probably managed to do a version for you but if its more than that its going to be difficult :(

I believe, based on reading Nophead's blog, that the "sturdy" is the original version. It uses 12mm MDF sheets for the frame (I used 1/2", since I live in the USA), 8mm threaded rods, and 10mm smooth rods.


Ahh right that explains it. Yeah I believe he moved to Dibond later on.

Sorry I took so long getting back... I just got my E3D-V6 in the mail yesterday. Looks like the slots in the fan bracket for the "sturdy" model are 20mm apart between the slot centers, but still "centered" on the bracket itself, so all that would need to be changed on this to fit the "sturdy" model is to move the slots evenly towards the center until they are only 20mm apart (center to center).

Hi Rich, I've done a modified version for you with the mounting holes at 20mm. No idea if it will fit, good luck and let us know :)

What size of the fan is this for ?

The standard 60mm supplied by NopHead in his Mendel 90 kit.

I liked your design so I tried it with my E3D v5 because I tought it should work also considering the differences with v6 are not that big.
I have the standard Mendel90 x-carriage installed and also had to change the nylock nuts with regular nuts to keep the belt free.
Unfortunately my heater block is completely off center at the 5 past 12 position slightly touching the plastic. I covered the plastic with kapton tape and I'm going to try it anyway. I think it should be ok but don't understand why the heater block is that much off centre.

Interesting. I wonder if you have a different X carriage to me?
Is it possible to rotate your E3D so its not so close to the fan duct?