outline plugin for skeinforge

by Lenbok Nov 26, 2010
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does anyone know, if the 37 works with the 39 version of skeinforge?

I have added a version for skeinforge 39.

Thank you verry much! Works like a charm

I'm using the one built into SF35, and it's working great. Nearly. Only thing is, I'd love to get rid of the extruded material from the origin, to the first corner of the bounding box. I've read http://outline.pyoutline.py and, not being a Python guy, can't quite make out where this is happening. Any suggestions? Most prints it doesn't matter that much for, but, it'd make the bottom layer cleaner if I didn't have to clean that up. My extruder always gets going in the first cm or so, so I've got plenty of outline to tune the height.

I really need to make this work. I have the file in SF-35, in the right place, and have the word outline between cool and hop in the craft sequence.

Where is the checkbox to turn it on? I'm running RepG 0024. My bot would print perfectly if i could just get outline to work. Please help. Thanks.

I am using this instead of wipe. Makes raftless printing so much easier.

This works great for me. I'm using it with a 5D reprap, I added it in the toolchain before dimension. This really should be standard in Skeinforge.

Excellent plugin. I found that to get it to work properly, I had to insert it in the list of plugins before dimension (rather than the last thing before export as suggested in the documentation). When I had it before export, it didn't extrude for the outline and the outline included 0,0 so the outline was much bigger than it needed to be with the object in the upper right corner of the rectangle.

What version of skeinforge do you use? I tried the same in SF35 with no effect.

I had exactly the same problem using skeinforge-39 and the Multiply plugin with origin set at 100,100. Moving the outline to BEFORE dimension as mentioned fixed the problem! :)

With HOP activated it no longer works at all!

Will move OUTLINE to BEFORE HOP and see what happens.

YES - THAT FIXED THE PROBLEM (until I find the next one)! :)

I give up, how do I make this work? I see there was an outline in SF35 already but it and this plugin behave weird (same code looks like). It does about half of the outline then up like 5mm in the Z+ direction then back down to the first point of the object. it's already in the toolchain in the file. Any ideas? I miss raftless!

It does look like it is now included in the SF35 that is bundled with replicatorg. I haven't tried running the bundled SF, but in theory you should only need to activate the plugin in your profile (i.e. click the checkbox within the SF UI). If you understand gcode you should be able to see the extra few lines of gcode before you run the build. (These days the built-in raft module includes the only other raftless functionality you need, of printing the first layer/perimeter at a slower speed)

I moved it up in the toolchain:

def getCraftSequence():
'Get the extrusion craft sequence.'
return 'carve,bottom,preface,widen,inset,fill,multiply,speed,temperature,raft,chamber,tower,jitter,clip,stretch,comb,cool,outline,hop,wipe,oozebane,splurge,home,lash,fillet,limit,dimension,unease,export'.split(',')

this is really awesome. got my Thingomatic printing without a raft and now I have nice, beautiful parts. Yay!

This is working very well, good job!

This re-centered my printer over the extrusion catcher and it started printing while warming up. It nearly broke my printer. Didn't even see anything in Skeinview.

Can you send me some gcode generated with and without outline enabled for some small object? (a zipfile of your skeinforge settings may also be helpful).

It turns out my printer was acting up. It works great now. :)

This is the coolest thing that has happened since raftless printing. It totally gets rid of the start-up issues with printing. This makes 3D printing fun! Nice Job! :)

I wanted to do this, ever since I wrote the Raftless script. Thanks for sharing this. That saves me a lot trouble and time!

I use an old version of Skeinforge (2009-11-06) for several reasons. If someone is interested, here's a port of Lenbok's outline script, running within this older version of Skeinforge (and maybe a few versions around it):