Dragon Head

by falken76 Feb 11, 2013
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I have made your dragon head compatible with the Makebot 2 replicator.
The problem is that you need to use Makebot Desktop Software.
Add the dragon head file.
Rotate the head 90 degrees on the X or Y axis with the rotate button and in the same window click on the "lay flat" button.
You should turn your "rafts" on.

I hope that this helps with the 3D replication nuts like me.
Take Care...

how was your process for scanning (undercuts) using the
NextEngine>? what were the settings; we've had hit or miss with
scanning using the NextEngine and assembling all the separate
partitions... Thanks!

On this model it was just a 360 scan at 17" away from the scanner on the second to highest settings. To get the best detail, use macro mode, place your object 6.5" away from the scanner. Use a tripod and put the object on a level that allows your scanner to start from the bottom of the object(Mine has a crank that raises and lowers the scanner). I used the clay they sent in the package to make tiny balls and placed them all over the models. You will use these as reference points for stitching. To get the undercuts and top scans, you just angle the object so that the part you want to scan is 6.5" away, then region select it on the view screen. Use the clay because you just have to stitch the underside to the model, and you need enough places to pin, the clay works as reference. Then you trim the clay out before you fuse. Hope that was helpful.

dont rar your files.
pls upload .stl data...

I'm sorry, I just tried converting these files to .STL in 3dsmax, they must be too large and it locks my system up. Is there a program that can convert .obj files to .stl that won't freeze? I have an i7 at 3 ghz, win 7 64 & 16 gb ram. None of the files that I scan are able to be converted, I assume because of the size of the files in the first place. How would I convert these to .stl files?

Are we not allowed to compress our files here? You can get winrar for free, I'd prefer to reduce the file size for transfers. Alot of my files exceed 300 megs in size, if I use RAR I can reduce them down to around 60 MB. I can export these to .STL in 3dsmax though, I have never used a 3d printer. When I export to .STL it asks if I want to do ASCII or Binary, which do I select to upload here?

its not vorbidden.. but we cant use Thingiview if you zip your stuff...

and i really dont like downloading cats in a bag.

your Machine is definitely fast enough to do the conversions..
Thingiverse does zip the files for you when someone wants to download all files from a thing.

filesize.. you need a programm like Cinema4d or 3DsMax than can do Polygonal reduction... You could also use Meshlab.(free)

reduce the Amount of points and poligons with a algorithm. then save to STL... Use the ASCII. after that you can use the Netfabb cloudservice to repair corrupted meshes..

Thank you for the information, I didn't know the proper way to do the file sharing. I have 3dsmax, so I can use that to reduce the polygons. I haven't heard of Netfabb, I'll have to check that out. Is that a service that will make sure the model is able to be printed before you actually print the model? I'm learning new things about this 3d printing everyday.