Paste Pusher Animals

by makeplace Feb 11, 2013
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Where's the third one? (devil)

Great Design! works very well for all kinds of past tubes.

Hello, a tube winks, beautiful
looking at your object I thought you might be interested in my project, a lamp printer.
what do you think about it?
thanks bye

I imported into Tinkercad (online free account). Grabbed it by a side handle and squashed it to be shorter (I choose 53mm wide). Exported to STL and printed that. Can do the same thing to make it wider. A caveman can do it (me!).

These are very easy to print, they work GREAT, and the kids love them!!! Great Job on these makeplace!!!!

I think the bear is a hippo not a bear

Very nice and functional pusher, THANK YOU!

Thanks for this gadget, works well :)
Do you also have the same animals in about 50-75% of the width (for smaller tubes)?

Hi -

Where is the model with the horns? I only see the first two in the download.

hi i printed in pla and it worked very well thanks

Those thingies are awesome. As you see in my Make post, mine didn't print well but it still worked anyway. :D

These. I got one for a pesky toothpaste tube where all the past ended in the sides of the tube. I have now printed 10+ for friends and family. Everyone loves them. My sister has a 1.5year old that use a slightly enlarged one for babyfood tubes by himself. My friends 4 year old sqeed the toothpaste far to hard with now control, but with these he has control to do it by himself. Awesome design, both fun and functional.

Jolie disigne, bien conçu et tres pratique ;-)

Congratulations! Your model has been chosen as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)


I cant get this file to x3g to save my life. I read a bunch of things on how to do it, but I cant get it to work. Ive used ReplicatorG and Spli3r

Can you produce an .stl file with 6 past pushers, 2 of each kind.

Your right, these make great little gifts. You really did a nice job with these. And its fun to argue over whether its a hippo or crock, bear or dog, buffalo or steer.

I could... ;)
But we'd like to encourage creativity in other people so I propose for you to download a copy of Cura and do it yourself.. :)

These work great.
Can you make some larger ones?
About 15mm wider mouth would make me really popular!

Guess what.. You can scale them up and then print them!!! Cool!

I think the hippo isnt moddeled correct, when you look at a real hippo photo. The holes from the nose are a bit alligned by the eyes. Here the eyes are more like from an aligator. Also when i first saw the models i had a feeling it looked like the pigs from angry birds a bit.
Nevertheless a lot of these toothpaste squeezers on thingiverse but yours are my favourite and are going to print the hippo now.

Dissing the breathing holes?
Glad you like them though!

And in what way am i "being disrespectful", i give some feedback nothing more nothing less. That being said, it works great and i can recommend people to use it.

Haha.. No you weren't disrespectful...
Just fooling with you..
Should have included an emoticon I guess.. ;)

My kids love these, they were easy to print and actually work.

Thanks for your positive feedback!

Very quick and simple print. Thank you :) I uploaded a video showing your design - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OH5SG6YhYg

Congrats! I thought you model was one of the best choices for a 3D Printed Christmas gift! I made a link from here: http://3dprintingninja.blogspot.com/2014/12/top-20-free-3d-printed-christmas-gifts.html

Gosh.. Thanks! You made me blush.. :)

This thing is amazing!
Thanks for sharing, love it.

Thanks! Have fun with it!

Thank you! It was fun to make and easy to use! Perfect fit

Liiiiike a glooooove!

Comments deleted.

Um.. Thanks?

It is funny , but it is easy to use ?

Yessss they are indeed!
Just slip um on and the paste pusher will do the rest!

Thanks for amuse children

Glad they like them!

I've been looking all over for this gadget ! THANK YOU !

Glad you found it!

Excellent design! It worked nicely in the hands of my 3.5yr old :-)

When I slice this, I don't get any bottom layers to connect the eyes with the pusher. Slic3r .99 Anyone have any thoughts?

I had exactly the same issue. It slices ok with skeinforge and cura, but for some reason slic3r won't have it. Very odd.

Use a different Slicer? :)

relevant reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/Reprap/comments/1ece52/trouble_with_slicing/http://www.reddit.com/r/Reprap...

The STL files posted here are not 100% valid. running them through a fixed worked.

Interesting.. Cura doesn't have an issue with them and I always run my STLs through Netfabb..
Thanks for the heads up!
Hope that the Paste Pushers came out ok!

I'm seeing the same thing - the entire oval part (of the bear for example) is missing once sliced in Slic3r 0.99, which I am using since it is included with Repetier-Host Mac.

I loaded the .stl in Meshlab and no faults were found!

I am dumbfounded..
You are using the right settings for wall thickness and all that?

Could you upload the SCAD file? I'd love to see some other animals as derivatives.

Would love to!
But the models are made with Solidworks..

It was worth a shot :)

Yes is was! :)

Great idea... kids love it!

We're all kids at heart, right?!

Wow, I love it! So cute. I like the way the traditional toothpaste keys roll up the "slack" to save counter space, though, so I wonder if that could be incorporated into another monster's rolled up tongue or something somehow.

Good suggestion!
We'll think about that one!

Haha, excellent! This is a good idea....

Thanks Mr DutchMogul.
I am sure that you can come up with some fancy versions that are more visually appealing but they prob don't print as fast! :)