Minecraft Steve

by LinkBH Oct 9, 2014
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Has the problems been fixed with this model?

No they haven't unfortunately. I used a little hot glue on the pins and that did the trick :)
Now I just have to go and find the sword and axe :(

your picture shows armor. Can you make that available?

Made two of these, Limb's were a little loose. I used a hot glue gun to tighten them up and add some friction. Worked out great. Thanks

About my printing,

All legs, arms and heads' pins are small and they can't stay stable. When I touch Steve, he torn apart xD

Neat model except the pins don't fit the arms and legs and they just fall off.

Eu deveria ter lido aos comentários antes de criar este item...

Após fazer o set completo, fui ver a reação de meu irmão de 8 anos e o mesmo estava chorando...

Após insistir e perguntar o por que da cara triste, ele me disse que era por que as peças não se encaixavam...

Teria como disponibilizar o arquivo editável para que pudesse criar um encaixe permanente por pressão?
ou fazer a bondade de criar tal encaixe pra comunidade?

I'm really sorry guys, These files are created by Microsoft, did not expect so many people to give me feedback that the files has a problem. I decided to rebuild these files to make them connected more tightly. files will be released in a few days.

they're not scaled proportional, even the mouth isn't even full on the model.... it's botched. the Microsoft one was fine...

Was the rebuild you planned posted as a different thing?

I just printed this today with my daughter... had the same problem. Disappointing but we had fun anyway. We ended up painting the parts and that helped a little bit with the fitment, but not so much. Rubber bands help :shrug:

The legs work ok. Arms and head simply don't stay on. Takes a lot of post processing to hold this thing together...

Although I was hoping ChuckNorr15's comment was the result of bad settings, it seems he's right. The pins are way too small for the holes and the model can't be assembled. I printed the original model and it worked perfectly (although it would have been better if all the parts had been seperate files and the support wouldn't have been drawn in)

Ummm how the heck is this assembled when the pins don't even come damn close to fitting the holes in the legs, arms etc? The head post doesn't even come close to the neck hole and this one is better than the legs and arms. Seriously you printed this and took a picture but didn't even mention the extra fitment work you must have had to do to compensate for the incomplete, flawed design of the joints?

can u post the armor and sword file?

Can you post it without support or whatever those things are below the pins? They don't work for me.

OK ! As you wish~