Iphone 6 Case (Halo Themed)

by GirgisDesigns Oct 9, 2014
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I don't know why this case is so popular...
The "-" volume button is covert so it is always pushed, therefore the case is pretty useless if you don't cut away the egde that covers the button.
Please upload a new version which fits.

Looks awesome can you make one for the huawei p8 lite i would love it.

Anyone have tried on a 6s?

How do I put together the two pieces? Superglue or something?

Can you do an iPhone 6 plus case, please!

so this it has creative commons i can't print it giving you credit and sell it at my school for anyone that wants a halo themed iphone case that would be illegal or since i give u credit its okay?

I printed this in PLA (luminous) with the back laying flat - printed, but found that the size was off by almost 2mm and the down volume button gets pressed. I'm going to reprint with it standing upright to see if that fixes the issue.

Otherwise, I really like the design.

So, I reprinted this standing up, which fixed the size issue, but it started to wobble as it was printing. I slowed the print speed to 75%, but still had bad wobbling. the wobbling messed up the print at about 60% completion.

Any suggestions?

Could you add step file?

How is the best way to print this?!

I was just woulding if I should add any supports to print it.

What material is this designed to print in? I am specifically wondering if I need to increase the size to use ABS to account for shrinkage.

I intended this print for ABS. Depended on what type of abs you have but the shrinkage shouldn't make much difference, if i were to account for it i wouldn't increase the file over 1% Maximum. You may need to check your printers calibration.
Goodluck! Would love to see photos of your print!

This was my first real print on a Flashforge dreamer. It came out great. The phone fit in the case is perfect. The case does hold in the down volume button. If you were to cut the angle at 90 degrees instead of 45 degrees, matching the style of all the other cutouts, it would work without other modification.

I printed with the back of the case on the plate. I printed with black ABS however the portions that were printed on the plate came out a bit white, odd. Obviously not a problem with the case design.

I plan to upload photos tomorrow.

I see its been asked a few times already, but any chance on getting this for a 6 plus?


Did it myself if anyone is interested


iPhone 6 Plus Halo Case

What Settings did you use? how much infill? did you print it standing like on the still file? did you use raft or brim to keep it in place?

Any chance we could get the solid file?

email me at daniel.girgis93@gmail.com

Is there any way I could email you to get the ipt file?

Nevermind, I see you dont use inventor.

Actually can I get the .3dm file? I can import that to Inventor. Thanks

Is it okay if I sell these? It is only for my friends at my school though. Not online.

Can you do a Samsung galaxy s6 edge?

i'd be more then happy to if you could provide me with a file of a blank case

Please make a iPhone 5c case of this... Please

The phone case is great and came out pretty much exactly like the picture. There is one small flaw though. The bottom volume button is held down by the left side, and if you keep the case on with it too long, it could damage the buttons. This could easily be fixed by using an exacto knife an/or sandpaper. But, the rest of the case is fine, just be aware.

I printed this out and it fit my iPhone 6 perfectly and looks great. Thanks!! I did have to rotate it 90 degrees so the back of the case would touch the printing surface, but other than that there were no issues.

Can anyone size this to an iphone 6 plus?

Any chance you can scale it up for an iphone 6 +?

I second this, no real good cases for the 6 plus yet.

Tried printing this 4 times and it failed every time. Won't stay on the bed while printing bottom layer. Has anyone succeeded with this?

If your beds heated, try mixing 2 parts PVA glue and 1 Part water and spread it across the bed just before the print, works really well and the glue can be reactivated with a bit of water for the next print and easily cleaned
Good luck on the prints, id love to see photos


I've also tested your design (the 1 part design) in PLA and it looks really good. The case fits quite well but it just has a little problem at the space for the volume keys. The lower part keeps the lower volume key pressed. Could you take a look at it?