Infill 3D Delta Bot Magnetic Effector

by Infill3D Oct 9, 2014
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v2 is ready and posted it fixes the issues of this model, consider this effector obsolete. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:672260

v2 Infill 3D Delta Bot Magnetic Effector

Would you be willing to share the source design file?

I printed it, but I cannot get the clamp to close because the protrusion on the effector does not have a notch to allow it to close all the way. I will have a new hot end here soon that I can do some final testing on.

Hi Liqdfire, I am aware of that issue there is already a v2 of this model that address that issue and a few others however I have not had the time to put it up, I will try to get it up this weekend, give me some time.

First off I really like your design I am planning on printing one of these for my MOST Delta printer. I have two questions: What did program did you use to create this model (solidworks, openscad, freecad, autocad)? and would you be willing to upload the original file as well?

Send me a PM with your questions.

Hi! I think you know I love your stuff buy now, and it just so happens I am about to build a new Kossel rig. I however already have all my arms and traxxus rods etc, do you mind if I do a remix of this to allow for the standard arms and bolts? I promise I'll make it look as pretty :)

Thank you Geoffro, go for it make it cool! I will make another effector compatible with the Traxxas rod ends since I think most people have that setup, same thing as this one but for Traxxas rod ends.
As a suggestion if you have not build the machine yet I would take the loss of the traxxas ends and go with magnetic joints they are much better do not take my word for it research it a bit it will steer you away from Traxxas rod ends.

Thanks, well, I have not glued the ends on yet so it is still an option, any suggestions for where to buy some good magnets?

Hello Apru, I was wondering how much pressure both fans are going to create and I did pondered about it when I was making the model that is one of the reasons why there is 2 fans, I could have closed the exhaust narrower to create more pressure with that said you do not need a jet of air going to the printing area just a breeze the ducts are big enough and directed exactly where they need to blow (if you use a SunBurn hotend not sure how it will fair with a different hotend) it should be ok I was going to do a CFD to check but is faster just printing the part and testing it, I'll make adjustments to it as I go.
Your suggestion works too I could add a scoop inside the channel to direct more air downwards. Will see, please try it let me know how it works for you.

Very cool design!! I like the ducting. I think the majority of the air is going to pass over the hot end vs going out the ducts, though. A control vane of some type on the exhaust could cause enough back pressure to force the air through the ducts. Another idea is to eliminate the ducts under the fans and have single duct on the exhaust so all air goes through that way instead and then just out the cooling duct. The downside of that is you'd never be able to turn the part cooling air off which is a problem with the original too.