Emergency Whistle with Solidworks 2014 source

by DarkAlchemist Oct 10, 2014
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in what mode is does this need to print
Solid or ??

I do not understand the question.

If i open this in cura then i can choose the print density from hollow to sollid, but what is best to print a hollow object?

I think sollid is the best choice for it then.?

I got the ET-Prusa i3 full metal printer. (Kit)

I don't use Cura but try both and as long as the inside of the whistle remains hollow then it should be okay else you would never get air through it.

one of all whistles that work in all size. Thank you for a good thing!)

I've started using this little whistle as a means for changing from one color of filament to another and not just extruding waste. When I get a load of them I am just going to put them on my desk at work for anyone to take. I think it is a great little whistle.

Wow, awesome and fun for the co-workers too. :)

I printed it and it looks pretty good but it doesn't work as a whistle. air goes in and air goes out no sound.

Mine worked and this is a remix of the original that also worked but all I did was to create the Solidworks files so others could remix this version. No intentional differences between the original and this version so if you say yours didn't whistle then that means the original one would not have worked for you either. This was not the best whistle I have ever remixed/made as it just doesn't seem to be stable or well made and I have to admit that but it did whistle for me (I actually made 3 and 1 did not whistle because my printer was out of alignment so this baby is very finicky). By the way this sounds just like my other whistle that I created but use the version without the pea and I heard no differences. Print that one and I guarantee you that one is less finicky and works.

Hi DarkAchemist,
I leveled my bed better and checked my settings. So, the new one I printed works. Thanks.

Great, though this whistle is okay due to being so small but when I was playing with it to change the pitch all I ended up managing to do was blow air when I messed with it. :/