Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Highly accessible vertXtruder for OB1.4

by Wired1 Feb 12, 2013
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Did this ever get developed further?

Edit: if you're not going to develop this, is there any chance you can post it under some other kind of file type...maybe a solid of some type.

With this extruder on the OB1.4 I need to move the gantry for the X-carriage towards the back of the printer to be able to cover the full print area. I think the nozzle is a bit forward of the original Bowden type setup for the OB14. It should just mean shortening the diagonal struts slightly to move it back about 15- 20mm. I am going to change it on my printer this weekend.

I attached a peg to the left/motor end of the extruder with some acetone to trip the X limit switch and also reduced the size of the X-limit switch mount about about 33%. Without these changes either the extruder or the limit switch holder will jam up against the brackets and bolts for the diagonal brace, but it could just be the way I mounted the limit switch?

Yes I found the x-axis travel considerably shortened as well because of the motor position on the x-carriage. The original bowden tube carriage slipped in behind the printer frame to get the full width and the motor now fills that space. Another option would be to put the motor out the front where there are less obstacles. Next printer I build will have no upper frame :)

Hey there, I just got this all put together on my OB1.4 and tested it last night and it works fine with some minor adjustments. The Y carriage belt runs fine throughout everything. The extruder motor doesn't fit between the upper and lower bearing blocks so I spaced it away a bit with some washers.

Great news, did you mean the X-axis belt? I can add some material to space the motor further away. Can you add a photo? I am also thinking of adding a heat shield between the hot end and the carriage.

http://imgur.com/wndqOAzhttp://imgur.com/wndqOAz the print quality is terrible as I think my head overheated on this print and started drooling/blobbing, etc but it seemed pretty dimensionally stable (bearing and linear bearings seemed to fit fine, etc.).

Well it is still work in progress so a good result :) I am working on another version that moves the motor back and looking at your photo I can see how far I need to go thanks.

I did mean x-axis belt, even after a couple years of CNC I still do that. I will grab a photo for you tonight. I built yet another PLA adapter design for my Budaschnozzle with a built in airgap between it and the schnozzles mounting plate then attached a small fan to blow through the airgap, thiskeeps things cool enough to not melt my PLA parts long enough that I was able to print an ABS adapter :) By the weekend I should be printing a new carriage in ABS with the OB1.4.

I like the idea of this design over the bowden design (just personal pref) so even though it's experimental I printed one out last night to get an in person look at it. The motor mounting block extends into the opening of the bearing blocks just a bit, causing a flat spot resulting in poor seating of the linear bearings. To be clear I'm not referring to the bearing stops themselves. I ground the high spots out and linear bearings seem to fit fine and ride on the X rods fine now. The hole for the filament does not go all the way through the body so I drilled that out. Thanks for your work on this and the OB1.4 printer design, I've really enjoyed building it so far.

Yes I'm not a fan of the bowden tube now that I've made one, too many bits to go wrong plus the problems with lag in the tube for retration etc. The filament hole was there in the design but Netfab deleted it for me - there is enough of a starter hole to drill it out I figured. I'll have a look at the motor mount intruding into the bearing holders thanks for that. Did you print it in PLA or ABS? I don't have a lot of luck with ABS but with the J-head up inside it the temperature might damage it otherwise. The alternative would be to make an alloy plate for the J-head and secure it to the underside somehow, might look into that.

Adapter for Budaschnozzle - thing: 53303

I've printed the entire thing (OB1.4 and this part) in PLA since I've temporarily converted my CNC router to a 3D printer to make the printer parts and have no heated bed. The goal was to run a bunch of printer parts in ABS once I got it running(mainly motor mounts and temps have me concerned, but maybe it's no worry).

I'm working on a short adapter tonight which will mount to my Budaschnozzle and plug into the J-head hole. It will cost a little z, but I can just slap longer extrusions on the OB1.4 uprights since I haven't cut the rod or ACME screws to length yet. With a fan I don't think I'll have problems with softening.

Looking some more this evening, a possible problem I ran into right now on the current design is where the belt passes between the motor and opposite x-pully. The belt ends are tied off to the lower bearing ends which means the return path of the belt has to pass right through the gear area and I think it may not have any clearance to pass through. I think the belt will barely clear the small gear on the stepper, but I don't see how it will pass over the main drive gear using common hobbed wade bolts (would need to cut a special one just for this carriage and use a bunch of washers). If the large outer diameter gear could be moved out while maintaining the center hub and bolt head position the belt may clear, or perhaps I've missed something in the design, I haven't printed the gears yet, but tried with a herringbone I printed for an accessible wade extruder and standard wade bolt.

New version looks like it might work - does away with the j-head clamp and takes the j-head into the bottom. This design will limit your z-height and should be printed in ABS as the j-head is secured in the carriage body.