Digi-Reaper(blue screen of death)

by Duplicate3D Oct 11, 2014
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Super cool design! I have not printed it yet, however I was trying to figure out a few things first. I'm an amateur when it comes to wiring and power requirements. Can this be done with a smaller battery or would a 9V need to be used? And also does the battery fit inside the model?

A 3v button cell battery and a suitable 3volt ish LED....

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I'm going to print one of these in glow PLA and put a UV LED inside so it glows all the time

When I go to slice this print, it is turned about 45 degrees, please help!

What slicer do you use?

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Struggled to get the lamp to print, ended up snapping off the handle accidentally and then gave up on trying and hot glued it on. Hot glued the lamp and scythe on to make sure its stable. Any tips on printing the lamp? Planning on using black pla to print it next time.

Hey there. I made this thing and light it up with LED and coinbattery. Nice thing. Printed in glow in the dark PLA( don't know the right word for this pla)

Very nice. Thank you.

How exactly do you light the led in the lantern?

There is a little hole on the top of the lantern. A 5mm or 3mm LED fit right in thare. You can hide the wire thru the sleeve ;)

I just printed it. The middle of the body is kind of narrow. How would I wire an led this way? Im thinking a coin battery but the led wire is too short. How would I extend them?

you can extend wires by soldering and protecting the exposed part with some heat shrink.
Or the easy way: Weave the extensions on the wires and use some tape for protection. It's narrow indeed so some tweezers will help.

Thank you very much. I will try it out.

Can this be printed with no supports?

I've made build-in supports for the best result of FDM printers. But if you have a SLS printer you may use the "no-support" version. This way you can choose what fits your type of printer thew best.

Awesome, I saw the 2 files, 1 with and 1 without supports and I was pretty sure on an FDM printer no supports would be a bad idea. I will print this w/ your supports and post a make when its finished. Thanks for the reply!

I have a Mac.

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Awesome job Thank-you for Sharing

That is beautiful. I love the lowpoly decimation on the Death's Robe.
Can't wait to see more pictures.

I have uploaded some new photo's