Easy-feed filament

by vik Dec 1, 2010

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Been doing similar by heating the end and rounding it with my fingers Warning, afew degrees toohot and your fingers are joined with molten plastic

Umm, why didn't someone bring this up before? LOL

Awesomely simple, awesomely great

Take a Cutter and cut it at 60
° and it fits too :P

I dont get it? where is the fire?

Fire not show, to avoid igniting dining table. You just need to soften a patch of filament a little bit so you can stretch it out thin. Don't stretch it while it is in the flame, and don't melt it so so much it dribbles!


Also if you use M4 nuts to act as spacers between the idler bracket and the body of a Wade's extruder, so that it can't close up too far, then you can just push the filament in while it is running and it will grab it even with a flat end.