Dremel Flying Fan

by turbi Oct 12, 2014
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Very cool design! I already almost lost it a few times without even going to 50% speed on my dremel. Have you tried any other diameters? If not, would you consider releasing the original CAD files so we could change the fan diameter easily without scaling the clutch mechanism?

Thanks for you coment. I thought the original file was lost in my old computer, but I finaly found it. I just upload a solidworks 2019 file sdlprt.
Tell me if you want an other extension.

I printed this for my five year old last night. He loves it.
It flew about 40 feet straight up and came slowly back down again.
I'm sure it'll fly away sooner or later so I'm just printing a second one as I type this.

Thank you!

It seems to work great, though I never let it get up to full speed for fear of losing it.
I (temporarily) glued a spare tip from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:542914 onto it and now it works as a top. Of course, it spins for a very long time, but it's also surprisingly very stable, and it provides a constant updraft while it does.
I can kick it around and it'll keep going.

Spinning Tops Orbital Series

it dont work for me when i turn the dremel on it flies off instantly and falls down after less than one meter (when i turn on the lowest rpm)

Printed it, like 5-8 times i had fun with it and it just disappeared, thankfully i have 3d printer and i can print another one. It flies so high..

this guy wants to save filament :)bien puissant xD

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This thing works so well. I flew it for the first time today and it flew at least 300 ft.

I actually like it better than the original one :) Thx

Great job. I am very interested in knowing how you created this!

Hi Todd
Thanks for your message. I use solidworks to draw my models.

It's WONDERFUL. I love it so much. Perfectly balanced, great weight, flies high, and glides nicely. Thank you!

I printed this (PLA with 100% density at 2.5mm layer height) on my printrbot simple metal. I had to rotate both pieces to avoid using supports, but they both printed fine. This thing is amazing. It launched SOOOOO high. I was also surprised how well it held up on the crash landings. It is currently on my roof I think (my boys ran all around the house and can't find it, pretty sure it's up there or in a gutter). I'm starting to print another one. Wish I could take it out to the middle of the field (tethered by the dremel power cord and extension cord).

I saw a few other toys like this on thingiverse, and the really popular one that is made by make seems nice, but this one uses a little interlocking piece so that it locks the fan on the dremel and then takes off when you shut it off. Works great. The other one just pressure fits and you have to hit the bottom of the dremel to get it to launch.

Thanks for a great design!

Agreed - this flew well. The pressure-fit versions are too unpredictable. WARNING - always wear protective goggles when spinning this. I don't know what PLA shards flying out at 100+ mph feels like, and don't want to know ...

Just put a video of printing and flying this on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh9QUTQvfsk). Super fun.

Hi Nice Print ! Thanks for your comment ;)