Touch Screen Stylus

by antifuchs Apr 29, 2009
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Yes, excellent application! This means having reduced +/- 16 euros, mostly coming from inventory, packaging, handling and shipping costs to less than 16 cents. That's a
gt; 100-fold decrease in costs! Added benefit is that you don't need to wait days for it to arrive. Well, less than 10 minutes probably. That's the second 100-plus-fold decrease, time!

These are products for which the current distribution model cannot compete with a digital distribution and print-at-home scenario. Once RepRaps and makerbots are more common, this will generate an immense value!

B.t.w. It's such a nice example that I blogged about it
a href="http://blog.erikdebruijn.nl/archives/95-ThingAlert-Stylus.htmlhttp://blog.erikdebruijn.nl/ar..."

EXCELLENT. In many ways it's the little things that will make digital fabrication worth doing, and this is a perfect example of one of those "long tail" products that is common enough that lots of people want it, but not common enough that competition keeps the price reasonable. On Amazon a pack of three styluses is six dollars US. On a MakerBot that's the cost of three quarters of a POUND of styluses, basically enough to keep everyone you know in styluses pretty much forever, even if they're as absent-minded as, say, me.

TMR said it best. Great application of a cheap 3D printer!