Holiday Prusa Mendel

by kliment Dec 2, 2010
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RepSnapper did not like the high number of faces in #19 so I reduced them:



Holiday Prusa Mendel - Day 19 (Reduced Faces)

If holiday themed 3-D printer replication doesn't fit into the Makerbot vs the Holidays challenge I don't know what does.


Hey pattywac. This is tagged "holidays" already, so I guess we're inadvertedly participating. :)

17 is a tricky one to print. It needs support material and also has a knife edge on the lower tier that doesn't print too well.

Indeed. Now that I think about it, I could probably have the lowest tier sit at z=0. But yours looks awesome cleaned up!

I fixed both of those issues with http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5205http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

I added material at the top and flipped it over. I also cut the knife edge off. :)

Holiday Prusa Mendel - Day 17 Improved

Also in unlucky 13 the Lego bumps on z bar clamps extend downwards into the holes, making a mess of it as there is nothing underneath to support them.

Fixed now, sorry about that.

there is something fishy with the 13.stl, the xmas trees goes into the clamp hole where the rod should be...

Yep, nophead pointed that out also. I've just fixed it.

I don't think the bar clamps in 13 are usable. The Christmas trees block the hole for the bar.

That is correct. I've uploaded a corrected version.

The Holiday Prusa is really shaping up, i love the Z-motor holder. I hope many people will do interesting things to it (lego upgrades) to make the model even more special.

Nophead, are you making the parts for yourself, or are you joining the contest?

Thank you Kliment, Prusa and the whole community, for making this possible!

Sp*m: Dont forget joining the contest: http://ikmaak.nl/eenblog/2010/12/06/the-holiday-mendel-build-contest/http://ikmaak.nl/eenblog/2010/... and win a complete set of RAMPS

Happy Holidays!

I am making them to see how the machine compares to the original Mendel.

For some reason 9 is causing my Skeinforge to lock up. It's in RepG18. Is anyone else having this problem? I tried re-downloading it and no joy. :(

I guess I'll try upgrading to RG20-something and see what happens.

Very strange. Did 3 work? It's essentially the same thing. I guess you've hit an odd skeinforge bug. You really should try a later skeinforge though, the one you have is ancient.

Awesome details! :)

This is so fun. One question, how do I know how many of each to print? Or do I just print 1?


Yes, you just print whatever's in the STL. Parts you need many of will appear many times - with different designs. :)

oh, I think it says one per day. Duh.


The boot needs support material. :(

Oh, I see what you mean. Will try to improve it for the next one. Thanks for the heads-up.

Still needs support but I used the support in SF and it came out pretty good.

Question is why didn't anybody else mention it? And what sort of printer is chris_e using?

it looks like you printed it upside down, but I could be wrong!

No it wasn't upside down but thingiverse's preview seems to invert the x-axis.

It does? Which part? In what direction are you printing it? Print it as it is, on its side, and it works fine.

4.stl doesn't print fine on my machine because the side of the boot facing downwards is floating in mid air. I.e. overhangs much bigger than 45.

This is a really cool idea! Reminds me of the old "Teach Yourself
gt; in 21 Days" books, only in the end you have all of the printed parts for a 3D printer. :)