TriK Tripod Adapter for the Kinect

by LucidOne Dec 2, 2010
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Exactly what I was looking for! Great design! Thanks

what program do you use for running the xbox 360 Camera?

I know you're not asking me but if you're still wondering Skanect and Reconstruct me are good

I have printed, excellent, thank you very much

just wanted to say i made an attempt at printing this on a thing-o-matic but it didn't really work. the thin walls made it kind of tough to print, and the irregular gcode generated by skeinforge made it hard to get the nuts in place. it looks like you have a nicer printer that made it easier :)

The nut is 1/4-20. Traditionally the screw on the camera tripod mount is not exactly threaded 1/4-20 but it is close enough to work. Most modern ones are actually threaded 1/4-20 since the tools to manufacture it are cheaper. Even tripods and cameras from "metric countries" use 1/4-20.

The four other screws are plastic thread forming screws, which cut threads into the holes but you might be able to use wood screws if you don't mind damaging the case a little more.

If you have trouble finding the fasteners locally, send an email and we can probably work something out.


what size are the small screws that attach the adapter to the kinect?

They are #4 x 1/2" Phillips Pan Head Boss Screws. They are not #4-40 screws, they are a type of plastic thread forming screws made to fit an injection molded hole that is 0.090" in diameter with a 1 degree draft angle. Wood screws might be a viable alternative.

Out of curiosity what kind nut is that? Is it metric?

I love that minimal Design! Props!