Bolt Keychain (Secret pillbox)

by Umake Oct 15, 2014
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hi, this is a beautiful thinks for store safely my hashish. thanx a lot bhro!

Hi there, thanks for the cool design. I picked it for my 2nd test build on my new Lulzbot Mini. I used eSun PLA+. So, I'm new to this, but any idea why this lovely print (using your STL file) ended up looking perfect, but it won't screw together at all?

The STL with both parts has the screw oriented the wrong way, so the covered end is at the top and requires a bridge, and the open end is at the bottom so provides a small surface area and risks coming off the build plate. It would better to flip the screw in the provided two-part STL so the sealed part of the screw is at the bottom. Could you please do this to make printing easier for other people?

The download includes AMF files. AMF is a replacement file format for STL but it hasn't really caught on, neither S3D 3.1.1 or Cura 2.6.1 support AMF. Slic3er 1.2.9 does appear to support AMF but actually just converts the file back to STL.

For anyone wanting to convert these AMF files to STL:

  • Rename the .amf to .zip
  • Unzip the file so there's now a larger .amf file
  • Get the Perl script amf-to-stl from Slic3r working (probably easier on Linux)
  • Run the script against the .amf files you created above

Now you have the cap and thread in separate STL files and can orient them however you like.

i flipped the long part around, as the hollow part is facing down.

It would be cool if some one made Screws and screwdrivers

Comments deleted.

love this, just printed it direct onto my masking tape and works perfect. Thankyou.

Nice design! I found it easier to rotate the bolt part in Netfabb so I wouldn't have to do any bridging.

i know what im putting in there..

Stl file is added! :)

How about one with a nut as well? That way, it just looks like a fidget.

Any ideas on the size of a nut that would fit this?

What are "amf" files used with?

You can use it the same way as stl files. It's like an stl file with native support for colors and materials.
We use cura for slicing amf files.

Well then what did you use to "create" an "amf" file.

By the way I downloaded cura and it loads the file but there are no colors except for the default yellow. Netfabb does not load them. However, cura can output it as an stl file.

Cura is interesting.

'Amf' does support colors and materials, but it doesn't mean this files contain such data (you don't need this information after all).

We use cura to align and save the 3d model the right way, so the user doesn't have to do that. It only supports amf as output file.