cuddling Owls

by mooses Feb 14, 2013
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An ADORABLE print test. Thank you! :)

Can you add another smaller owl ?

What's the difference between those two files? The file names are too cryptic to be self-explanatory: "_7_rep2" / "fix2014" - what????

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Made in school! Sooo cute! Need a 3D printer

too cute, worked perfectly, the girly friend is going to love it!

How did you get it so smooth? Acetone vapor ?

Definitely looks like it has been treated with acetone

That would be my assumption. I've done some acetone vapor treatments and they look just like this when done.

I ran this through AutoDesk3DPrinter utility and it had over 3900 repairs. Also, the file went from about 25MB in size to about 15.5MB.
over 10,000 downloads and the file is the worst I've ever downloaded in the past six months.

thanks for pointing this out rturnock. This was one of the first files I prepped for 3D printing over a year ago. I have learned a lot about prepping files in the mean time. If my workload lessens a bit I'll upload a cleaner version. Cheerio

Just a heads up:
This is NOT a manifold model (Not water-tight. Has a hole in the bottom).

Netfabb Basic did the trick just so slic3r won't spew out errors.

Use netfabb first before printing!

for those that are having problems slicing this very nice model, I posted a "fixed" and simplified version that might address your issues.


cuddling Owls - slic3r friendly
by downeym

Slic3r locked up my whole computer on this file and I had to restart.

cuddling Owls - slic3r friendly
by downeym

Ya. I can't get this to slice properly. Netfabb studio and cloud can't seem to fix it. It will slice after about 15 minutes but the result is not right. Using Slic3r.

hi, thanks for the owls but i can't generate a gcode with slic3r. i get the following error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqmqv0wjpg3ua3b/slic3r_0_9_9_error_owl.pnghttps://www.dropbox.com/s/nqmq...
a repair with netfabb did not help

Cant figure out why it takes 15+ minutes to slice ( still slicing at 15 minutes ).....

Which slicer do you use?

try this version instead. It might fix your issue


cuddling Owls - slic3r friendly
by downeym

What % infill do you suggest?

It does work with zero infill. Else, 20% works well.

how did you get that finish?

If you still haven't found out, it looks like it has been acetone vapour treat. Youtube it for how to videos

How do you design the feathers like that.

Nice finishing and photo techniques here! Andrew (http://3dhacker.com3dhacker.com)

Thanks! I printed them with shaded laywoo filament, and posted a timelapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-VKFpl6q9ohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

very cute, print was great!

It's got a big hole in the bottom. Not manifold :(

That's only a small hole, 100% sure Cura has no issue with that. KISSlicer might not make the bottom fully closed. Not sure if Slic3r will handle it, as it seems very picky on everything.

Did you print that at full scale, 0.3 layer height?? I'd like to try it at the same size but in PLA and see if I can get similar results to the picture you posted.

To get a smooth finish (though not glassy as much as the abs + vapor chamber) use very fine grit wet/dry sandpaper (800+) and sand the piece wet. You will get a nice smooth finish with a little work.

Ok having just printed this as several scalings I might recommend against smoothing this model and shoot for printing at a high res. There are individual feathers modeled which you cant see on the above picture but for me add to the print more than a smooth surface would,

Yes, I did ;-)

Thank for good resolution, It works well at 17mm height ;-)

An ABS print at .1mm + acetone vapor will get that finish, no sanding needed.

Hi Ian. I got this tip from your awesome and useful blog. 1000 Thanks and a tip o' the hat :-)

Very nice work... PLEASE Share how you finished the print to "wax-like finish" and whether it is ABS, PLA or some other polymer. THANKS in Advance for your answers !!!

Ian is right. plain ABS .3mm print, some cleaning up and then some time in the acetone vapor chamber. here's the link to Ians tutorial on that:


I don't have all the fancy equipment he uses, so I just put some acetone in a fish bowl, then put a small bowl upside down in it to elevate the print above the acetone surface, cover up the bowl with saran wrap and a rubber band. to accelerate the evaporization, fill another bowl with hot water and then put the fish bowl into it. BTW check for condensing acetone on the saran wrap and see that it doesn't drip on your print.

I read some of the original experiments in Acetone vapor baths and when I read one that said something like "You can see the vapor meniscus move up the container. Just turn off your hotplate before it spills over the top." I decided it was not for me... but I love your hot water bath approach. Sounds like something I can do without voiding my homeowner's insurance or giving myself cancer. :)

nice! how did you achive that wax-like finish?