iPhone 6 - Han Solo Case

by camchaney Oct 15, 2014
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Anyone know if this would work with an iPhone 8? Or how I could resize it to fit?

Just made one of these and it came out great! Printed the one piece design with supports. Increase the Z support distance and you'll have no trouble getting them out afterwards. Only suggestion I have is on the screen side, maybe raise the corners a bit so that when laying facedown the screen doesn't touch flat surace. Other than that, case fits nice and snug on my iPhone 6S. Awesome design, thank you!

Very good idea, and a great gift for any Star Wars fan. My only complaint is that the parts sticking out can easily get in the way.

Hi, I have printed this but it has come out about 1mm too big for my iphone6....any suggestions? Thanks

Huh, did you print it in one part or two? And if two, what tolerances?

Does the one piece case work ok? Will fit an iPhone 6s?

Yes the one piece case works, it's just that it's hard to print because you would need supports (or some crazy bridging ability). This means it would be perfect to print on a printer with a powder bed. A resin printer might have a similar result as well, but I'm not sure...
As for the iphone 6s, it should work. The iphone 6 is only an 100th of an inch thinner, so I would guess that the iphone 6s would fit basically the same.

could you make this as an iphone 4 case?

Has anybody tried putting the two piece version together? I ask because it looks like the feet would get in the way. Am I understanding the way it's assembled correctly?

I just uploaded all of the updated files.

The new inner shell files are fantastic! Thank you! I printed the outer shell and it's still trying to print the hole for the larger foot. when I look at the model I can see where that indent is. Should I try to fix that and do a remix, or are you up for the tweak?

(Also, I think it would be awesome to have a plain two piece case for both iPhones. People would be able to make so many awesome designs like this! )

Now I see the hole. I will fix it and upload an updated file.

Perfect timing! I was actually just sitting down to email pictures. Sorry I was a slow poke in replying. >.<

I just uploaded the blank separable case!

I don't see what you mean by the hole for the larger foot. I have actually thought about making the plain separated pieces. I might post those soon.

Awesome! I'll definitely try one out on my printer tonight. :) Thank you!

I am currently trying to fix all of these problems. I have added some tolerance to the pieces so that they go together easier and I made the geometry less complex. I just need to test it out on my printer, and then I will post the updated stl files.

Awesome! Thanks Cam. :) This is a really great thing, and I'm super excited. I'm about 80% through my print of it because I wanted to see it so badly.

Also, does anyone know where the blank two piece case is? I wanna try to edit it and see if I can't figure out how to put the feet up a bit, but my google skills are failing me and I can't seem to find that model anywhere...

It would also be nice if the two pieces were available as separate STL files, since I've got a smallish build plate. >.<

planning on making an iPhone 6+ case anytime?? that would be awesome. Just a tip, if you want to clean up your sketchup drawings by highlighting the whole thing, right clicking and selecting the option to "soften and smooth". Then just choose the angle at which you're smoothing out. I usually smooth around 35 degrees.

I did make 1 case out of ABS, but I experienced too much shrinkage. I am going to try making one out of PLA, and I'll post my results.

Yes sir. I just finished printing it and it came out fine! I'll post a picture of it once it's cool and off the platform. I hate hearing those stress- cracking sounds though. D'oh.

So I sent the separated .stl file to Microsoft model repair (Netfabb) and it looks like it was fixed. The whole model shows up in the preview build now. I'm printing it now and I'll let you know how it turns out...


Awesome case. I just wanted to let you know that there may be a problem with the separated files. I tried to send the build to my printer after slicing and it crapped out three times. The composite (original) file sliced and transmitted without issue.

When the sliced file appears on the build screen (the supposed finished print view), the bulk of the image is missing with only a few fragments of Han Solo appearing. I wonder if the file itself was corrupted somehow?

I'm glad you're trying to fix it though, it will be an awesome cover when it it's good to go!

Update: Tried to slice the full version and it's coming out with supports surrounding Han. I'll wait for the other version to be fixed. :D


Thanks for the comment. I have had problems slicing the file too and I'm trying to fix it. It's pretty weird.

I cant believe I just ordered an Iphone 6 yesterday lol I am so making this

what 3d cad software do you use?

I use Google Sketchup.