Laser cut Arduino enclosure

by teabot Dec 4, 2010
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Hi! This design has a very common problem:
The connectors are too deep below the cover. If you are going to use any shell board, you will get bad contact due to get it far from the arduino board.
I happened the same with another boxes bought trough Aliexpress, and finally I have redesigned the side parts to get 3D printed and to replace the original ones.
Try to change the top of the box to get USB and power connector would pass over it and put lower walls arround, in order to get connectors raising the top cover.
Nice desing however!

Can you post a SketchUp file conversion of the .dxf file? I am bringing it in to SketchUp Pro and it mauls the dimensions (nothing lines up with the virtual Uno board). Option two is to give the exact length and width dimensions of the larger pieces and I can derive the scale.

I will send a .skp file when complete for others.


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Hi, I'll upload the original SketchUp file shortly.

Ooooh, how about those dimensions? The imported dxf comes in at 227 inches high in AI.

Agreed, the dimensions would be helpful. I am having trouble importing this into Inkscape due to scaling issues.

same here. would really appreciate it!

I cut out a version today, but found that the tolerances on the slots are too tight. Sheet material like acrylic usually has quite some variation in the thickness. On the other hand you do not really need a press-fit connection if you already plan to close the box with nuts and bolts.

I will post my adaptation with wider slots soon.

Thanks. I'll add a note regarding the kerf issues.

Thanks for the awesome design!

I cut one of these cases and it looks great. I'm waiting for the weather to clear up so I can go buy the nuts and bolts. Amazingly, it's pretty solid without them.