Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Dancing Groot

by Doodle_Monkey Oct 16, 2014
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I was thinking about printing this Groot but I had concerns. First of all, how tall is it and the width of the base? And second, did this have any problems with you guys other then TKTrooper printing it? Will i have any problems Printing it?

Tried to print this and the printer (despite displaying the correct expecting print time/length) stopped halfway through the print displaying on the LCD that the print was complete. Very odd, not sure if it was something to do with the files as thats the first time my printer has ever done that (U2+)


Love this lil guy every who as seen as ask for :) brill work and thank you the share

Great Job!
Could you upload the parts as different stl files?
My groot fell down and has arm broke. So I would like to print just the broken arm.
Thank you.

It might be a bit late, but I separated out the parts and put it up here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1231781

Dancing Groot by Doodle_Monkey with individual parts

OMG..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually just picked up an identical actually dancing baby groot at walgreens that reacts to sound

I just tried printing this and it appears as though the body (part with the head) is hovering above the base of the platform ~0.4mm. So when I tried printing it was printing that part in mid air. Can you double check and make sure the model is correct (TorsoSplit.stl)?

Yeah, I believe all of the parts were saved out relative in 3D space. So the head and body will be floating out in space. The Makerware software that I use to slice lets you zero it out in Cartesian space so I didn't bother doing that. What slicer are you using? It should build supports regardless. I will however look into it. Stay tuned.

I'm using Kisslicer which doesn't let me move the body down unfortunately.

These files should print without support!!!

Hey Doodle Monkey, Awesome design!
But I'm unable to repair the file, it's just covered solid with errors.
NetFab couldn't fix any of it. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks! -V-

Ok These files should work better. My replicator 2 is pooping out. I've been trying to get it printing again cause this is the next model I want to print! Let me know if you have any luck!!

I'm actually working on the file right now! I think I know what is going on. Hang tight, I should be done with it within the next 30 mins!

Yip perfect! Now if I just had some resin! I did print your Groot bust though just gotta give him a paint job and I'll post him!

Cool! Can't wait to see the Groot bust! Yeah, I printed a dancing Groot on an Objet 500. It came out ok but I printed it maybe a little too much on the small side. I want to print it much bigger :)