Parameterized Battery Compartment

by guru Dec 6, 2010
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Hi Guru!

The new version is here: http://thingiverse.com/thing:5070thingiverse.com/thing:5070 It is a parameterized battery pack with the electrical connections. Enjoy! ;-)

Battery Compartment with contacts
by obijuan
Parameterized battery pack with contacts
by obijuan

Nice work!

I was thinking that you could still shave off a few millimeter by thinning out the bottom layer until the side wall of the batteries poke through. So instead of having a solid slab, the bottom would consist of triangular ribs that fit in between the batteries. I've seen some commercial battery com
partments that use the same trick. Here's one example I found with a quick google search: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=enhttp://www.google.com/products...

You could also build some springiness into the design at the flat end of each battery, by making a single layer of the side wall bulge in towards the battery. I think that should provide enough "give" to clamp the batteries in place securely, without having to use the traditional spiral spring at
the flat end (or without having to build a spiral spring into the plastic itself).

Amazing!!! It is so useful for my printable mobile robots I am working on (thing 4954). I have had a simple idea for the electrical connections. I will develop the concept and test if it works or not.

Thanks a lot for this contribution!!! ;-)

I got it! It works! I have tested it only with one AAA battery. I have implemented the solution with a non-parameterized-custom-Battery compartment derived from your design. I will upload it to thingiverse to show you the idea and then I will do it parameterized again (when I have some time)

Done! The new object is thing 5070

I am making a laser cut AA battery holder as part of a tvbgone enclosure. I see two problems - 1. ensuring electrical contact - the material will need to be good, and 2:ensuring electrical contact - catering for varible length batteries and bounce etc.

A good springy beryllium(sp?) copper strip would be best.

OR how about using PCB test probes - they have a gold plate and a spring...


I tried to do something like this, but couldn't figure out how to get or make the "little metal strips". How did you solve this?

I plan to cut appart a aluminium can, but i had no time to try it yet. I'll post my experiences. If it doesn't work as planed i will use copper.