Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Battle Droid 400!

by Ecogeeco Oct 18, 2014
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Gread Model because with What Software hove you design it ?

Danke für dieses wunderbare Modell !!! Mit einigen kleinen Änderungen steht er jetzt stabil und sieht echt gut aus. Danke für die Veröffentlichung

Is there a good way to fix the lose Legs at the hips to be in standubg or sitting position? The magnets hold great but they dont hold the position.

Great Droid. But how to u connect the arms at the body? The armsball do not hold tight enough. The small holes in the parts are for?

Many thx and greets

Is the droid flexible enough that you could pose it in the folded up standby mode shown in Episode I?

You should be able to fold him up. Standing will need something to hold it up though.

so i was going to print this for my wife, as she loves the battle droids. i noticed that in the hollow versions, that one side is modeled differently on the inside.

The inside was hollowed out by taking the torso and shrinking it slightly and then making it a negative. Since it is only the inside i didn't care as i won't be able to see it once together. I also included a whole torso if you want to cut it to your printer size.

Ok, you got me. I printed the torso as one piece now how do you get the neck in there? I'm guessing I'm going to have to cut the neck, put it in place, then glue it back together across the bottom.

that would be my guess too. Or you could remove the knobs in the design and put a hole. Then use a dowel rod in its place. Never thought about what it would take sorry.

This is awesome. I'm going to print one or two of these as props for my friend's wedding next year. I have a few questions:

  1. Which magnets did you use on the joints?
  2. How much PLA would this take at 20% infill?
  3. How do you get these to stand, do they stand freely or require a support stand/brace?
  4. Do you happen to have a life size clone trooper sliced for a Replicator?

Hello, Thats sounds awesome . Please post pictures when they are complete.
I used these magnets. 10 Neodymium Magnets 1/2 x 1/4 inch Disc N48 You can get them on Amazon.
Not sure how much plastic you would need with the infill but i would guess 4 or 5 roles.
He will not stand on his own. I made a wood stand to hold him up with a base. It attached to his back.
I did not design this. I made a remix of the original smaller one and scaled it up to full size. You can use netfab to cut it to the size you want after scaling up.

Also please note some of the parts are doubled and/or have full size or sliced parts. You don't need to print everything just the parts that will be needed.

Thanks! so you used about 20 of the magnets? Two at each shoulder, knee, elbow, and hip?

Correct. Make sure you don't pinch your fingers.

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Hello Ecogeeco,

first, thanks for the Battle Droid 400 files.

I started also with the B1 and a I have finish the head and foot, but I have problem with the hands, I dont now how what is the best position, to print the hands and with which settings. :-(

I have three print out mistakes and I hope you can help me with that.

I print with simplify3d, maybe you can save the best position of the hands (maybe also the settings of simplify3d) and send me via email.


Sorry for the mis prints, I printed them in a similar position to what i see in the pics. I used supports as well. Mine were set up to print with the single finger up and the 2 others level with the bed. Unfortunately i don't use simplify #D so i can't help you with the settings but i would recommend 50% or more on the infil as they will be fragile at anything less. Good luck and have fun!

Forget it. I just noticed the head files. I'm just blind I guess.

I just downloaded the files , but I don't see files for the head.

head_400.stl (full size 1 piece)
head_400_1 and head_400_2 are two halves for smaller printers.

Started this today,

Hi everybody

i wanna try to make this little boy at life size in coardboard with laser cut but i need a full assembly file ? someone got this ?

thank you so much

hello, very nice work, what is its final size, I'm in France, I have 180cm tall and I want to reduce it so that it fits right. Thanks i thinks do it in ABS , it's better PLA?

Hello, The final is 6 feet or 182cm so your 180 is about right. I use PLA for all my prints but i can see the benefit of ABS for the joints to make them stronger. Good luck. Please post it when you complete it. Have fun!

Hi everyone,

Really an amazing project to do.
I wonder what kind of pla i should use to get the closest color of the real droid.
I was thinking about the sand pla, any other idea?

Sand PLA would be closest I think but this project is really something that needs to be painted and detailed. So smoothing with wood fill and then sanding and repeat then paint over it.
Good luck and have fun!

Curious if there are any smoother files for the head?

As a scaled up version i do not have the smoother file sorry. Wood fill or bondo would help if you want to go that route.


I spotted the battle droid pistol model and thought it'd go great with this project.


NICE! Thanks for sharing!

Still planning to add the back pack? Im planing on making one of these things and I would love if mine had it :)

Comments deleted.

The backpack files are in file section. I just haven't printed it to take pictures of it. Others have printed it and posted pics in the "Made" section. They turned out great.

Could anyone comment on how much plastic (in kg or lbs) it took to print? The original description says "4 rolls", but I wasn't sure how much plastic was on each roll! I hope to work on this over the summer, but wasn't sure how much plastic I'd need.


I use standard 1kg rolls. I did a 5% infill to save plastic. So 4 kg of plastic for mine. If you increase the infill it will take more plastic. I would recommend increasing the infill for the hands and neck as they both break easily. So really your mileage will very but at the least it will be 4 one kilogram rolls of plastic.

he says in the description roughly how many. Ill comment again if you would like after Im done mine :D

Comments deleted.

There is a nice looking gun in http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1596241 - I commented there to get the original gun model, but in the meantime, I've managed to somehow remove the droid and reconstruct the parts where the hands were intersecting the gun. It's not perfect, but should be fine. STL: https://churchyard.fedorapeople.org/gun_reconstructed.stl (1/4 scale).

Battle Droid in Pose

That's great. Thank you for sharing

how big is every pice. i have a 15x 15x cm printer and was woundering if i could print the whole set. or if i have to slice som of it

the parts are made for a Makerbot 5th so you will need to slice it down smaller. I used Netfabb to slice it into parts. I say GO FOR IT!!!

I trully think you should improve the articulation and learn to use arduino cards, you can make it alive :p

Oh my god! This is epic!

So, I'm Planning on printing this for my Jedi Cosplay for the next big Con ill be going to. I'm planning on melting a hole in the chest large enough for my lightsaber to slide in and out of, so i can lean it against myself for poses.

lol thats great! I would love to see a pic in the "I made one" when you have it done. Awesome!

What infill percentage did you use?

I made it with 10% but it breaks to easy. I would highly recommend 25 or more. And maybe higher on the hands.

Okay. Thanks. I was thinking at least 20%. I'll go a bit higher.

Question. I have a large format printer and can print most of the cut up models as one piece. Are there any files of the whole models available or do I need to download the 1/4 scale and print at 400%?

I posted all of the files of the before cut and the after at the full size. They should all be there. Did i miss one?

Anyone have a blaster model/backpack for this guy?

Tha backpack is in the files to print. I have not found a good blaster for it yet though. Let me know if there is one and i can link it.

This is awesome. Thanks! We are printing it and it appears that Torso 4-2 is missing. Do you have this?


Hmm that's weird. Do you mean torso 400-2? I see all the torso parts in the Thing Files. There are also others that have printed it. Hope this helps.


I am speaking about Torso_4_2_hollow.stl. I have the Torso_4_hollow and Torso_4_1_hollow. It is the opposite of Torso_3_2_hollow.stl.

By the way, this thing is amazing. I can't say that enough.


Ok i figured it out (I think?) I just added the file "torso_400_4_2_hollow.stl" to the bottom. Let me know i that is the correct one and thanks for printing it. Don't forget to post that you made it with lots of pictures.

Just downloaded the new file. Thanks for the quick response.!

Just wanted to let you know that our print of this is done. (It looks amazing!!)

We did realize that the backpack is missing the two antennas. I know that someone else sent that over, but do you happen to know if they have those files? We plan on using a rod or plastic antenna as a placeholder...


Thanks. I'm glad you like it! As for the antennas i use wooden dowels to make them. At this size a printed version wouldn't always come out right with a thin tube. Since it needs a lot of detailing. find a dowel that looks like what you want and then drill that size into the backpack. Then hot glue the dowel into place. I would love to see it please post. Hope this helps and happy printing.

Cool then we are on the right track. Once I get it cleaned up a little I will post pics. I do have some at https://www.facebook.com/secureideas/photos_all


Very cool! Going to try this!
What colour did you print this in? and did you paint it after? The end product looks a bit more brownish than some of the white parts you used

Thank you, I printed with what spools i had (red, white and blue) but in the picture i had started to paint it to match the movie. Next i will battle damage it a little.
Don't forget to post pics when you're done!

hi, i have a few questions because im really interested in printing one.
-how big is your print-bed?
-and when will the blaster be added?


my printer is the 5th gen makerbot. as for the blaster i haven't found the right one to scale up to full size yet

ok for the blaster im probably just going to use a stormtrooper one when i do eventually make this, and i have a robo 3d so the parts should fit.

any photos of the completed backpack?

I haven't had a chance to print the backpack yet. My printers have been busy for a while. I still have a another guitar to print too.

Just noticed this, it's really cool. Have you gotten any farther with it yet? I'd love to see updated pic's

not recently. i am in to a lot of other projects. i do need to print the back pack and finish the detail.

thatz some real kewl work... im just printin one now... not fullsize dont have the rolls for that yet :)
btw what printer did you use to print that out...
say will you be uploading the blaster and backpack or know if i can get it somewhere.
awesome job keep us upto date on how you get on.

Backpack is uploaded now. As for the blaster i am still looking for a good one to scale and fit this. I used a Replicator 5th gen to print this. Glad you like it.

Awesome print, are you going to paint/weather effect it or just leave it as is?

Oh yes, i plan to highly detail him as well as the stand that will hold him will be Star wars as designed.

Yes it was so worth it, you should have him gold plated

That is A-MAZ-ING. Love the use of magnets in the ball & socket joints. At that scale you could probably rework the joints to be more pose-able, especially the hands. I just didn't have the detail required to add pivots there.

You've given me the kick I needed to stop procrastinating and upload the backpack. Enjoy!

Thank you! I could not have done it if yours was not so detailed to begin with. I have downloaded the backpack and will get to work on the upscaling of it soon. For the hands i thought the same thing. I plan to make them movable too.

Looks awesome on here, but it looks way better in person! That is one awesome print!

Thanks man. I'm really glad you came by the other day to see it.

Awesome!!! Once I get a fulltime engineering job so I can splurge on 3d printing supplies on a whim I'm totally printing this! This is sweet! Bravo sir!

Very nice i scaled my one of the original to 250% not 3/4 make looking out for blaster and backpack

badazzzz! That is the ultimate labor of love. VERY impressive.

Thank you! It was really fun to print. I will post more pics when it is detailed.

Impressive........most impressive ;)