Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Printrbot Simple 1405 Bowden (1.75mm)

by orangefurball Oct 18, 2014
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@teknogeek1300, run the parts through the repair service at the link below. I use slic3r and was having the same issue, but I used that on all the files except for Extra_hot_part.stl, and they work now.

On both extruder mount files, what's the deal with the cylinder with the hex nut cut out? I printed the part myself, and am really confused as to how to mount to this. Watching your video, it looks like you basically have the same part but without that protrusion. Am I missing something?

The hex nut is for an M4 nut, the nut threads onto the PTFE. The tube is then strung through the hole so the nut fits into the hex hole, then the entire protrusion is fit inside of the Printrbot Aluminum extruder

How did you thread an M4 nut to the tube? I'm assuming you have a 2mm ID 4mm OD bowden tube there. I'm trying to find instructions on it on different sites, but nothing really helps.

You can shave down the tip in a pencil sharpener to help it go in, then you just twist and push until it threads.

"Bowden_Ext", all faces are flipped, and many open seams. "bowden_Hot_1405_Endstop", so many open seams slicer deleted more than half of the object. Then only piece printable in this release is the "Extra_hot_part".

They printed great for me, though I use Cura. Not sure how the faces were flipped (though I made these a long time ago, maybe I was off on that day)

Have you tried running them through Netfabb? I will upload ones that were fixed with Netfabb tomorrow, I'm on mobile now so I can't.

Weird. I guess repetier/slicer just don't like it :(

Bowden_hot will work if printed in PLA? Seems that it will melt

It depends on how hot you print.

Obviously if you print in higher temperature materials, you should probably print the mount in higher temperature materials as well.

That being said, it worked great with my Ubis printed in PLA with a 60% infill and nice thick walls.

would like to see how its all assembled and works!

It works great (I think, Im new to Bowdens!)

Heres a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bnY1_DyWbc