E3D V6 40mm Fan Mount

by 13DjjC13 Oct 19, 2014
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GREAT! Design and thanks for the upload. Have you considered a snap on design instead of using a zip tie to secure it?.

Been working great on my machine just had to modify it a bit to fit my machine.

Perfect for my Kossel hybrid. When the fan failed on my E3DV6, I went looking for a high quality replacement and found nothing in 30mm but cheapos that would just fail faster than the original. Wanted to upgrade to a 40mm but needed to a) clear the bottom of the effector and b) not drag on the bed/part/frame.


Perfect for my E3D clone. stock fan was loud and there are not a lot of quiet alternatives for 30x30mm fans. Also the shroud was flimsy and loud under vibrations. Your design fits perfectly and the 40mm silent fan is so quiet in comparision. Printed it in PLA and am curious how it will hold up. Actually i'm printing a second one just in case it breaks. But i think it should hold up just fine.

Thanks a lot!

It's perfect! Thanks a lot.

with DIY Prusa i3 I could not print it.
the print comes loose of the bed.
and yes has to do with adjusting my mistake

best regards

friendly greetings Rob

What Material did you use?

Just normal black PLA. You shouldn't need anything special to print it out. And since the e3d is so efficient it shouldn't ever get hot enough to actually melt.

Good to know. Thanks! Have a e3d since 3 days and was actually already thinking of replacing the fan by a 40mm because the 30mm one is quite noisy. But I worried because of the PLA that close to the heater, that it melts / deforms.

Honestly I haven't tested it yet but I'm confident that between the e3ds efficiency and the airflow going through the part there shouldn't be any issues.

I've been using one for weeks without problems, but last night I left the printer with a pretty complex design (5+ hours), and this morning the fan duct had melted and everything was a mess :-). Looks like PLA is ok for shorter prints (2-3 hour max), but in order to be 100% safe ABS is a better choice.

Must have had some bad luck, I ran mine for a year doing 12-15 hour prints regularly and never had any issues.

Pla can vary alot from brand to brand so maybe you have a lower melting point on yours than what I ran.

After performing some forensics, I may have to agree with you. Part of the mess was a melted fan cable. I thought that it was an effect of the duct melting, but now I'm starting to think it may have been the cause. My printer cables could be better arranged, and perhaps fan cable got tangled with the nozzle, got shorted, and without a working fan melting was unavoidable. That makes more sense than 3-4h prints working flawlessly, and then everything melting down just by adding an additional hour.

Fortunately I printed a spare, so I'll rebuild everything and try again, but probably everything will work just fine.